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How to continue on my work, which is in Flash CS 5.5?

After googling and learning (and much frustration) that Adobe canceled the Flash Prfessional Animation tools especially the CS5.5 version in which I still work, my issue is the following: (Leaving ...
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Looking for svg editing software that supports the animate function

I am currently doing some simple svg files by hand. They contain simple graphics. Think of a circle representing a planet and a smaller circle passing in front of it representing a moon. I use the ...
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How to animate top view ceiling fan 2D

Not sure if this is a valid question. I am trying to animate this fan in Adobe Animate. I have the blades and the base setup. Trying to do a frame animation I just don't know where to start, how to ...
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How to generate animations based on the sketches?

I recently came across this video, where a sketch is generated as a video animation. I have a good idea of how to sketch in Photoshop, for example, if I have the exact the same sketch with layers in ...
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How to animate a knot tying and morphing into other knots?

I want to animate a transition between two (more later but just two for now) different types of knots, I was told it was almost mathematically impossible to do such a thing in After Effects, does ...
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Free Software for animating SVG

I use Inkscape which is capable of SVG output. I am trying to animate characters like Santa and export them as GIF. I am trying to do simple animations like the movement of legs, hands, head etc. Most ...
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How would I morph two illustrated shapes in After Effects?

I'm trying to animate a logo (left) in AE and want it to end up like the one on the right. I created these in AI and copy/pasted them straight from AI instead of importing each artboard. I've tried ...
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Move the object in different direction [closed]

How to create an image or an object that can be moved with the mouse? Circular, vertical and horizontal movement, etc. Or a three-dimensional movement Like the attached picture, which is on one of the ...
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Can anyone suggest a program I can use to make a simple animation?

Apologies if this question has been asked before. But can anyone suggest a program I can use to make a simple animation? I’m trying to make an animation similar to the following:
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Slideshow with embedded links

What I want to do is create an animated GIF(?) that will scroll thru a number of pictures, when you you click on pic1 it takes you to url 1, when you click on pic 2 it takes you to url 2 etc. I want ...
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Photoshop animation: How to render each layer to a separate file at once?

Is there a way to render each separate layer in Photoshop to a separate file? I have a character from Fuse and I want to render it in X positions. I don't want to click 'render' for every new layer, ...
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Animating on a single artboard in InVision Studio?

I'm creating a vertical scrolling interactive wizard and currently have 12+ huge 1440x6519 artboards in InVision Studio for this one project. I only need one artboard really, but with each Next button/...
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After Effects: Bend and animate along path

I have been looking for a way to bend and animate an object along a path and I stumbled upon the Omino plugin [omino snake to be precise] and after preparing the scene I realized nothing's happening [ ...
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Rotate an object smoothly in Photoshop CS6

i am currently using Photoshop CS6 and there is no "create video animation" option in timeline tab. I have only one option to create animation via "create frame animation". I want to rotate a ...
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Animating an Illustrator Line in After Effects

I'm trying to animate a coiled-up looking line into a more relaxed loose looking line. I figured out how to do this in AfterEffects (I opened the Path 1 option and was able to move individual points)....
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Create animated gif of an arrow being hand-drawn

I want to hand-draw an arrow, on either an ipad or the trackpad of a macbook, and generate an animated gif which 'replays' the drawing in real time. I want the animation to look like an arrow being ...
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Tips for starting in motion design

This may be the wrong place to post this type of question but here i go... So recently i've been really interested in motion design like the examples i've put below example 1 example 2 But i'm not ...
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How to create animated gif file like in [duplicate]

What is the best way/software to create animated gif file like in This is sample files: Thanks for any help or advice.
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How may I transfer a frame animation from one PSD file to another?

How may I transfer a frame animation from one PSD file to another? Recently, I created a short frame animation of a logo in Photoshop CC. I would like to integrate this animation into a larger ...
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Rotate position with Photoshop animate

I am trying to rotate a circle around another circle in Photoshop CC. I am using the transform option in the animation window. After I make the 2 keyframes. The animation isn't moving along the anchor ...
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