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Questions about simple animation tasks. Ask anything related to designing graphics for animations. If you have a complex, software-related question, you may find better results by posting it on a Stack Exchange site that's more dedicated to animation.

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How can I export a flash file to a gif format without losing quality?

I'm making a series of animated gifs witch I design using adobe flash. The problem is that when I export it to the animated gif format, it pixelates losing a lot of quality. I wanted to know if ...
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2 answers

Animating anchor points in Flash CS5 - Shape goes mad!

I'm having problems creating a very simple shape animation in Flash CS5. I have 20 frames, 3 keyframes (at 1, 10 and 20). The following screenshots are from Flash, with onion skin turned on for all ...
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methodology for cartoon animation- technique of making components to easily have movement in frames

I want to make an animation of cartoon characters. I do not want to draw them from scratch each time. I would like to use adobe illustrator because I believe that it will be the best for making ...
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Free Windows software for animations

Can anyone suggest a good (and easy to use) freeware for creating animations in Windows? I was looking at the Pencil mentioned in a similar question, but it seems its development has stopped. In ...
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Tool to create animated SVGs?

Are there any graphical tools to create and edit animated SVG images? Inkscape is great, but it does everything except animation. I created an image in Inkscape, then manually edited the XML to add ...
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Free fast and easy animation with sound

I'm looking for a quick way to make a video clip from a series of images, combined with sound. I have about 30 images, and just need them to be played one at a time, with a 1-2 second delay between ...
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Overlay animations in Photoshop?

I've just done two animations in Photoshop, each the same size, same number of frames. The second animation has a transparent background. Is it possible to merge the two by overlaying the second onto ...
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5 answers

How can I create an animation of an image being drawn/painted, automatically?

I'm looking for some software that will allow me to create an animation of a given image being drawn in real time. For example, I have a jpeg. It's a picture of my pet dog, and I want some software ...
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Photoshop: Animated PNG?

Photoshop CS5 doesn't seem to natively support saving image as APNG even tho few of the major browsers already support it. Are there any export plugins or such available for Photoshop?
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4 answers

What formats supporting animation are suitable for the web?

What formats supporting animation are suitable for the web and what are the pros and cons of each.
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What programs can be used to make animations?

I am specifically interested in software that can be used to combine existing sets of images (frames in the animation) into an animation. Having the ability to add transitions/effects between the ...

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