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Refers to textiles made into clothing.

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How can I resize a vector to a specific size and resolution?

I'm fairly new to design and I'm having issues resizing vectors. My end goal : to print to a t shirt through something like redbubble/printful. They list a printable size of 7500px7500px From my ...
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What do i provide my graphic designer with so they can do their job?

I am hiring a graphic designer to illustrate my bikini designs in Adobe Illustrator or any alternative software that works for them, so I can send the digital designs to manufacturers to produce the ...
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How to charge for an illustration and rights to sell it on clothing

I work mainly in branding and web so I have little knowledge on illustration prices/rights. I created an illustration years ago that I posted online. I have been asked if I will sell it to someone as ...
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How do I find a printer who can print in white on a t-shirt?

Where can I find a printing company that can print my logo on a heat transfer using " WHITE" I am trying to put my logo (that has white clouds in it ) on a t-shirt. BUT , I cannot find anyone who ...
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When designing for apparel how should the canvas be addressed?

I am aware that most screen printing or DTG (Direct To Garment) have a maximum print size but I'm curious to know what is the proper way to address apparel designs when the intended design is to be ...
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White ink on black paper - how should I knockout a stroke around some text?

I am preparing artwork to be sent to a printer for the production of custom umbrellas. We want to print a logo on black fabric with 2-inks: white-spot and orange-spot (PMS 021) colours. The path in ...
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How should artwork be setup for T-shirt printing?

What does it mean to colour separate the artwork for T-Shirt printing? It is normally suggested to use Pantone colours for T-Shirt printing. Is it the Pantone Coated or the Pantone Uncoated? The ...
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logo for clothing brand using 3d block

I'm designing a clothing brand logo and it uses a 3D children's toy block. We've looked at other clothing logos but none are in 3D. Is it ok to use a 3D object in a clothing brand logo?
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Is it legal to use a commercial font on a T-Shirt to re-sell?

I am designing a t-shirt based off of the keep calm and carry on poster. I want to use Avenir Next because it comes with my machine and is similar to the original font used in the poster. If I ...
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Where can I buy designs for my t-shirt website?

I'm building a t-shirt website and I want to be all legal and stuff. I want to offer the customers interesting designs, like the ones from or So the question would be... ...
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What printing process is better to avoid t-shirt logo damage?

I don't like tshirts whose logos melt when you iron them, or crack if you put them in the dryer for too long. What do you call the printing process where the logo becomes part of the shirt itself, ...
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Is there a guide out there for printing and selling T-shirts?

I'm looking for some advice on printing and selling tshirts. Is there a tutorial somewhere out there for designers who have created a design and want to make and sell shirts? I know a couple of ...
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