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Questions tagged [appearance]

Appearance attributes are properties that affect the look of an object without altering its underlying structure. Appearance attributes include fills, strokes, transparency, and effects. If you apply an appearance attribute to an object and later edit or remove that attribute, it does not change the underlying object or any other attributes applied to the object.

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7 votes
1 answer

Set a stroke to knockout a fill behind it with live text in Illustrator

I'd like to be able to set the stroke of some live text to knockout a fill that is offset so it appears as a shadow with negative space between the top fill and the "shadow" fill. I can't seem to find ...
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4 votes
1 answer

The pros and cons of using the appearance panel to create complex shapes and strokes in AI

Recently, I've been going over some Lynda tutorials for Adobe Illustrator and there are several sections where the presenter uses the appearance panel to modify the shape and stroke (and add ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Illustrator: Text shown not to have a fill has a fill

I have two text objects in my Illustrator file that look the same, but their Appearance properties are showing up differently and I don't know why. Here they are, with their Appearance properties: ...
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