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Similar icons to SF Pro Symbols

If I good understand developer can use SF Pro symbols in Apple products only, on iPhone, Mac, iPad. But if we develop something also for web, it can not be used, do you know any similar icon set can ...
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Choosing Number of Points and PPI Resolution To Future-Proof Game Images

I'm working on an iOS SpriteKit game and I'm currently designing some images to be used as character animations in Photoshop. There are many different iPhones with various screen sizes and resolutions,...
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Inkscape Filter: Mimic macOS Big Sur Icon 3D Effect

I have the outline of an icon to which I want to apply a 3D effect to match macOS system icons. I have experimented with filters, but they all come out pretty bad. So far I have used an inner shadow. ...
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How to work with Apple's Design Resources in Photoshop

what I am trying to do is to create a custom document icon for my app. Apple provides design resources that can be downloaded here: If you ...
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How can I recreate these Apple device shadows?

Looking to re-create these shadows on devices (not limited to phones / tablets). Looks like stacked drop shadows, but the fall-off around the whole shadow and hard edge to blurred edge on the corner ...
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Why iOS system grays have a slight blue hue?

The light system gray defined by Apple Guidelines for iOS12 (and used by the default color scheme of the UI controls), is defined as #EFEFF4 (HSB(240,2,96)). It means that the hue is a little bit blue....
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How to design stack-like icons like Apple and Bootstrap do, in Sketch?

Sorry if this is a really stupid question or something really easy, I'm just a backend developer who has no talent with design. I'm actually programming a Dynamic Library for jailbroken iOS devices ...
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Text/Icon Radio Button Name?

Does anyone know the official definition for these buttons in the attached image (taken from the Apple Store app)? They're basically radio buttons with an icon and/or text in them, but can't seem to ...
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Junior Designer - Struggling with iOS icon sizes

I have been assigned the task of exporting iOS icons for an app that my office is developing. I have never done this and I am struggling with the workflow and getting pixel perfect icons. I am ...
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What are the exact parameters of Apple's Defocus filter?

Apple OS X does a fine job of blurring images with gaussian blur and opacity. Does anyone have the parameters for using PhotoshoSketch to achieve this precision? Apple defocus My defocus
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Illustrator envelope distort tool alternative

Is there a similar tool to envelope distort on Illustrator available for an iPad or iPhone app, or even an online editor? I have some great graphic design apps for my iPad and iPhone but nothing has ...
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What software do you recommend for creating a logo

I am just starting to teach myself how to make logos. If I want to make a logo that works with both Apple and Android apps, what software do you recommend that would help me do a logo that would be ...
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Font similar to San Francisco for PC? [duplicate]

I am creating designs for an app as part of my uni work. I have Windows and because I have Windows I am unable to get the San Francisco font as it's only available on Mac. What is the best font on ...
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I cant find iOS specs equivalent to Material Design

I work in a small company where I already did the design for an app using Material Design guidelines but now I have to design the iOS version; maybe I got used to Material guidelines but I can't find ...
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Is it okay to use Apple logo as a part of an icon in a website?

I'm working on a website for a data recovery company. I need to make an icon of a MacBook, because they offer specialized service for OS X devices. I'm not sure if it is okay for me to place the ...
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Where to download Sketch’s version of the SF font?

I’ve been using Sketch’s default iOS UI library, which uses Apple’s SF font. I already have a version of the SF font, but it doesn’t seem to be the same one Sketch defaults to. I’m sick of getting the ...
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How to use San Francisco font on Windows?

I'm doing all graphic design in a startup company of some friends, and a major part of our product is developing an app that should run on everything after iPhone 4. So after some researching (I have ...
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iphone icon sizes compared to on photoshop

I noticed the apple guidelines mentions that app icons are 120x120 but when I go to something like photoshop or fireworks to see how that looks like, it looks much bigger than that. Anyone know why?
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What is the current Apple color pallet?

I have seen the same color pallet used in several of Apple's ads, as well as app icons (e.g., Photos app). Does anyone know the values for the colors in this pallet?
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What are the font settings which correspond to "default" font styles in iOS 9?

There is a set of default font styles accessible via the iOS API. What settings (font size, weight, etc.) do they correspond to by default on an iPhone 6 running iOS 9? Does this vary across phones/...
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Are there any low-cost freelance websites for doing Apple watch app mockup? [closed]

I have an image I would like displayed on an Apple watch but I'm brand new to mobile app marketing. I'm hoping I could find a place which might point me in the right direction.
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What font is being used for the Apple Watch?

Did Apple create an entirely new typeface for the Apple Watch? Did they customize something existing? To me it looks like it was inspired by DIN and given a very tall x-height, but I see influence ...
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What are some of the benefits of having a Mac vs a Windows PC in a design environment?

I work in a b2b business and everyone here is on Windows PCs. A co-worker is pushing to move the design department from Windows to Mac. I worked on a Mac about 15 years ago when I worked for an ...
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Using real products when creating fake mockups

When creating mockups for marketing material, what is the legality of using real products to demonstrate the use of your application? Examples for any given application: Google chrome with a website ...
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Correct usage of the Apple App Store Badge [closed]

Is it against Apple policy / guidelines to create a custom button that links to the App Store, or does it have to be the official App Store Badge?
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Identifying an app used in a touch pen promo

Anyone have any idea what app is used in the lunatik touch pen promo materials? This one:
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Looking for Myriad Pro Extra Light used by Apple

I believe that an extra-light or Thin version of Adobe's Myriad typeface exists, because Apple's been using it on their website. Here's Myriad Pro Light and Extra Light/Thin used on the iPad Mini ...
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What are these Apple App Store Fonts? [closed]

From this iPad App Store screenshot, what are the fonts for the Title, Author and Description text? Myriad Pro?
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What font does Apple use for its "light" text?

Apple often uses what looks like a "light" version of Lucida Grande or Lucida Sans Unicode, as seen here: I like the font a lot, but neither Lucida Grande nor Lucida Sans has a light version. Is this ...
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What's the font(s) used in the App Store badge?

What's the font used here? (source:
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