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How can I set an arrowhead "back" from the end of a line?

I am drawing a graph (network), like this: I would like to be able to reposition my vertices (grey circles) without having to meticulously reposition all my edges. Here's what I've tried: draw the ...
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Multiple arrows orientation Inkscape

Want to change orientation of an arrow of one object. However, when I change the orientation by the "Flip the mark horizontally" button (I don't know the name in English, just tried to ...
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Custom arrowhead not aligning to the bottom of the stroke when scaled

Is it possible to align the arrowhead to the width of the stroke, rather than the vector point of the stroke when scaling the arrowhead? Like this example in use: The first being the original ...
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Arrowheads not handled in copy+paste to external application

Using the latest version of Inkscape in Windows 10, I am trying to copy vector geometry from my drawing out into a powerpoint presentation. I have accepted that no technology exists yet to exchange ...
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inkscape arrow tip color disappeared in browser

I drew a line segment using the line/Bézier curve tool. I used "color and boundary" to change its boundary color. I also set the arrow style. I saved it as SVG. I opened it on Google Chrome. ...
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How can I draw a hollow arrow in Inkscape?

I want to create an arrow that behaves like a solid arrow but is hollow inside. How can I draw a hollow arrow in Inkscape? Is there any straightforward way to do this other than using path and union?
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Inexpensive image editing software to add nice arrows

I am working on some support articles, and I would like to add some example screenshots, and in those screenshots, I would like to add large arrows where the border color is different than the fill ...
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Create an arrow in Krita

I would like to create an arrow in Krita. How could I create an arrow (if possible vectorized) in Krita?
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How to draw curved arrows in Photoshop

I'm trying to draw these arrows in Photoshop. They were originally done in Affinity Designer. I couldn't find equivalent tool to draw these paths/arrows.
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AfterEffect. Arrow with stationary origin, moving head

need help animating an arched arrow in adobe after effect. Here is an animation “draft” of what type of movement i need to create: or you can download a video here. animation draft That is: The ...
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Inkscape arrow is only half

In Inkscape, when the arrow is rotated, the arrow is only half displayed. How can I set it up to keep it unchanged? Thank you!
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How to remove the recently used markers selection?

I am using a high amount of small arrows and similar objects. The problem is that seemingly every arrow I create is adding a new entry (independent if this style already exists) on top of the markers ...
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Inkscape: A proper way to align arrows heads with a given curve

I have an arrow and a given curve as shown below: I want to duplicate the arrow and align it as follows: Unfortunately, I've done that manually. It 's not perfect and is very tedious if I have many ...
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Adding custom arrow head styles in Inkscape?

Is there any way to get more arrow head (marker) styles in Inkscape? I find the styles supplied with the software inadequate. Or can I use some other tricks to implement the arrow head function? ...
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Inkscape - how to draw a line with an arrow (as marker) in the middle with correct orientation

I would like to draw a light ray which makes an angle with the horizontal axis in Inkscape. Using the freehand drawing, I drew the line horizontally first (placing a node in the middle for the arrow) ...
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Inkscape arrow skew

I am trying to draw a diagram in isometric in Inkscape (v0.92.4). For each object, I apply a skew and a rotation of the angle of the axonometric grid. I am facing an issue with applying a skew on ...
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3 answers

How to draw arrows in GIMP 2.10?

I'd like a plugin that allows me to click 2 points to draw an arrow in between. All the options mentioned in different posts work for GIMP 2.8 but are broken in 2.10 (such as the arrow.scm file ...
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How to prevent arrowheads from overlapping objects in Inkscape?

So my question is about how to get rid to the overlap of the arrowheads on my wonderful circles. I got like 10 circles which are stepped by 24 arrows. They don't liked it, I don't like it. Please help....
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how to properly position arrow heads with respect to a curve?

Given an arc of circle: If I add arrows on both ends I get the following ugly result: I'd rather like to see: I've managed to get the above manually, by converting the stroke to a path, and either ...
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How can I draw easily an arrow with the text in its tails?

I know how to create arrow in Inkscape and add text but I am looking for a way to automate this process. Ideally, I would like to add directly an arrow with a number in its tail and use a ...
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How to create an arrow in GIMP, with a different colour outline?

I'd like to draw an arrow in GIMP (which was answered by How do I insert arrows into a picture in GIMP?), but the problem is I'd like a black outline (or stroke) for a red arrow. I somehow managed ...
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