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How to do artifical intelligence "upscaling" to a pixelated or smeared image?

I have used the following Mermaid editor to create the following Mermaid chart as a PNG image by using the following Mermaid code. Mermaid editor Mermaid chart Mermaid code ...
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How to make gen fill added objects blend to the original image better?

I extended a Katy Perry album cover using Photoshop's generative fill and Stable Diffusion, now the image looks like this: It looks OK, but I'm sure there are some techniques for how to make the ...
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I'm trying to find out if this image is AI or not. What are some indications it is or isn't?

Image in question I am working on a book, and I've considered using AI art as I've used it a lot for my D&D campaign to display certain aspects, though I decided to use a real artist, but now I am ...
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How to use Midjourney iteratively

I just took a Udemy crash course in ChatGPT and Midjourney. ChatGPT has this great ability to have an iterative conversation, like "Write a product description for a condenser microphone". ...
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