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Questions tagged [autodesk-fusion-360]

This is a CAD application, make sure your question relates to graphic design. General questions on how to use are likely to be off topic.

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Getting splines to match from all view points

I am trying to model the tesla Model y 2021 version in fustion 360 using images and measurements found online. I have cropped all the pictures border to border of the vehicle and aligned everything ...
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Recreating a bike seatpost in Fusion 360

I have to recreate the seatpost for a 3d printed water bottle holder but I can't seem to figure out how I should make it, this is the drawing from the manufacturer of the bike so this must be what ...
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Merge Surface Fill into Solid Fusion 360 (or otherwise fill pocket)

I am designing an enclosure with various filleted edges. I am trying to create a something like a fillet at the corner here: I can easily create a surface fill, but I can't figure out how to join ...
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Loft would intersect itself

I am following a tutorial here: I have two sketches perpendicular to each other and am ...
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Perpendicular vertex in Fusion 360

I am still learning Fusion 360. So I imported this meshes from existing STL and need to modify them. In the image you can see that the base of the mesh is slanted outwards. But I want the base to be ...
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Converting Metal sheet to volumetric body

I'm searching for a way to convert my sheet metal into a volumetric mesh or to copy it because I need it twice. I cant because fusion tells me that because its a metal sheet it cant be copyd.
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Create an SVG image of shapes with a shared border using Inkscape?

Is it technically possible to make an SVG image of shapes with a shared border, or is there some technical limitation? I have this image of tessellations where a border is shared, and I'm wondering ...
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Is is possible in Fusion 360 or Blender to create a conical spiral with a constant angle of attack?

In Fusion 360, I tried some add-ons, like the "Equation driven curve", but the distance between each revolution is a constant. To achieve a constant-angle-of-attack spiral, the revolution ...
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Sketch is still visible after extrude

I have a problem with a sketch. After I've extruded it, I can still see the same sketch on top of the object. I've had this problem a few times but I've never understood why it's happening. Here's the ...
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How to change line length in Fusion 360sketch?

I have a line that I need to extends from 28 mm to 54mm: The red one is the one I want to extends down. How can I do that? I tried all combinations of clicks I could think of, but I cannot find how ...
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