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Questions about balance, or imbalance, in design. Balance is a key ingredient of good design, and cannot always be achieved mathematically / automatically. Ask anything related to creating balance or imbalance in a design.

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How should I balance my logo icon and logotype when one is above the other?

I tried searching through Google and YouTube for "how to balance your logo" but all I got was tips on balancing icon and text when icon is sitting exactly next to the text. But what if the ...
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How to centralize an object that contains many shapes according to its mass or area?

In my view, the usual center page alignment of most of objects that contains more that one shape make it look a bit unbalanced and unnatural. For example, the first image below looks very bad, the ...
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I cannot figure how to visually balance this falcon logo for my school

I have been working with this image for a few years now, but have never been able to get a good balance in my opinion. We are updating our website so I figured it would be a great time to ask. I ...
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Advice on design: Balancing content and flow on website

Live site: Don't know if this is the right place to ask, but I am struggling with this music streaming app design. I am trying to make my design as balanced as ...
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How to make the network graph more balanced?

I want to illustrate the network graph of a person. The idea is that the network consists of 3 types of people, therefore there are 3 kinds of color and face. The persona is one of the types, so its ...
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Is the heading in this webpage properly aligned?

In this webpage (see first screenshot below) is the page title (Merge PDF) properly aligned/balanced? I placed it aligned with the logo (Integrable, in the left) and the blue button, but it doesn't ...
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Trying to find balance in uneven text blocks

I'm designing a business card for my small business. The text at the bottom of the card is throwing me off. I'm separating the employee's name and title from their contact information, to "square ...
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Critique: what is my Gaypril logo lacking?

The image: I followed this tutorial to make the design. The final product of the tutorial is this: I've tried changing the font of "out of the closets, into the streets", but frankly, I feel like no ...
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Mathematically calculating visual balance

Is it possible to mathematically calculate visual balance? Below is an example of what I mean. Both images contain the letters "M" and "C," but are aligned differently. In the first image, the ...
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Align text to center of text field in double-column in Indesign

So, I want to achieve this effect, but then automatically (without having to edit the text manually): So basically, the left column has to have a right alignment, and the right column has to have a ...
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Page layout critique / advice

I'm not an artist or designer myself. I commissioned the cool hand + phone logo from a graphic artist. Now I'm trying to incorporate it into an "end card" for my YouTube videos. (The black border is ...
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What techniques can be used to create a proper hierarchy of design elements?

This question is similar to this one and this one, but still different enough to merit it's own Q&A, imho. As a beginning designer, and up to this day, I have always struggled with a very basic ...
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What methods can I use to create balance and consistency between a group of differing logos?

A regular challenge that I face is balancing two (or more) logos. Whether they need to be equal or one needs to be given priority. Some logos however might be squares, others rectangles, circles, etc.....
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Is there a name, term, or practice for off-centering things based on volume rather than by width and height?

As an interface designer, and just as a designer in general, I often notice that I feel the need to place things slightly off-center in order to make them appear centered and balanced, due to the ...
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How to choose a grid, for a complex mixed content web page

Planning a web page design in wireframes is super easy, but the next step is to choose a grid and build the page in Photoshop. This is a mine field to me. What is your methodology for choosing a grid ...
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Trouble getting a color in Photoshop to show correctly in my browser [duplicate]

My website has a background color of #EEEEEE (238,238,238). I have an image with a light grey background I want to blend with this background. In Photoshop I used brightness adjustment to get (238,238,...
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How to balance a tab bar with an even number of elements, one of them being a call-to-action?

I have to design a 4 item iOS tab bar. One of the items is a call-to-action button for creating content. Typically, apps have 5 items, so it is natural to place the call-to-action in the middle for ...
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Considerations when using multiple font faces (on webpage or CD cover)

I’m experimenting with fonts for learning purposes, and I noticed that using only one font type looks many times plain, but using more can easily make a mess out of my webpage and CD cover (these are ...
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Which tool to balance color strength ?

lets say I have a rectangle divided in two complementary colors, yellow and purple. How can I calculate the percentage of surface that both colors require so that none seem to take over ? (I'm ...
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What benefit does proper balance add to a design?

Given multiple designs with the same elements, how does the balance of elements help a design to make it more favorable / effective than the others?
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