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Questions tagged [best-practice]

Questions about preferred methods of achieving an effect or other result. Using best practices may affect, amongst others, compatibility, degradation, and usability.

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Arguments for or against adopting design guidelines in a different context than intended

I'm working on the educational exhibit signage for a forest-preserve visitor center. The forest preserve has a book of branding standards, but the standards seem to apply mostly to outdoor ...
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Is it OK to only use the wordmark of a logo?

I have a logo that resides in this category: Combination mark When a symbol and a wordmark fall in love, they make a logo. More specifically, a combination mark (a traditional logo) is comprised of a ...
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What to do for eye/retina "burn-in" now that we're all darkened up?

Like many, I've been so excited since I switched to dark mode on macOS. I've been able to work at night and in my studio with dim lighting so much easier. My eyes feel so much better now! But this has ...
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Italic Cursive/Running Resources

I am in the process of practicing a running Italic hand, with most letters connected in the spirit of Paul Standard (I also own Alfred Fairbank's book). In addition, I'm trying to minimise the number ...
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