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Can a bmp image be 16bit depth?

I'm trying to create a watchface for my wristband and the only form of image I'm supposed to play with is a bmp image, 16bit depth, 300 KB size or lower. It seems impossible to combine these 3, Please ...
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How many colors in YCbCr JPEG under common conditions 3x8bits?

Aproximayly 1/3 volume of a cube is at this picture from wikipedia So does YCbCr JPEG have aproximayly 2^(3*8)/3 = 5 592 405 colors? Also coefficients KR+KG+KB=1 are used for converting YCbCr to RGB. ...
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How can I convert an image to 16bit high color in gimp?

I would like to convert an image in to 16bit high-color. I have gimp installed, but am also open to using web tools or even command line tools. I read a question where someone suggested just using a ...
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Saving .tiff files in Photoshop the tumbnail show a split image

I work in PS the stacked astrophotography images that coming in Raw 32 bit .tiff and then saved in 16bit when working in PS after the first streching on the stacked image. When I finish working on ...
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How to make Photoshop CS6 open 32-bit depth file?

I have PS CS6 installed and a couple of 32 floating point TIFFs I'd like to process. The problem is, though on that on a basic search on Google I've seen 32 bit is supported, I keep getting the error: ...
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How do I convert an image to 24 bit?

How do I convert 16 bit depth image to 24 bit depth image. I already tried in photoshop as well, Please suggest me how do I convert it. Thank You,
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My Photoshop brushes are stripped of their gradation

Somehow I must have accidentally changed a setting somewhere and now my Photoshop brushes which are supposed to have grayscale detail are now showing up like 2-bit bitmaps. Not sure if that's the best ...
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