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Questions tagged [blackletter]

Questions about black-letter, textura, old English, or gothic typefaces.

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Monospace Blackletter Typefaces

Do you know of any good quality Fraktur monospace typefaces, and if so, are perhaps any of them open-source? Background: I was thinking recently that the the blocky nature of Blackletter typefaces (e....
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1 answer

Why does this 'w' join at the top?

I saw this brewery the other day and have never seen a letter 'w' like it (in the word 'brewing'). Why does the left half of the letter not resemble the 'u' of which this letter is a double?
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Can anyone tell me what blackletter font this is?

Hi, can anyone please tell me what blackletter font Disney have used int his original Snow White & the seven dwarfs logo please?
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14 votes
2 answers

Is all-caps blackletter no longer taboo?

Received typographic wisdom holds that blackletter (“Old English”, “Gothic”) text only looks good in lower case or with initial capitalization — never with capital letters in series. However, in the ...
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3 answers

Is there a Fraktur font that is thin like Helvetica Neue Light?

Is there any font of the Fraktur style that has a light font style (like Helvetica Neue Light or Ultra Light)? Many Fraktur fonts I have seen on Internet are too thick.
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1 answer

Free, screen-suited roman font to match Unifraktur Maguntia

I am currently creating a documentation for UnifrakturMaguntia, a font on which I worked in the last years in my freetime. This documentation will be rendered in two versions, one that is primarily ...
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1 answer

Blackletter fonts supporting long s and r rotunda?

I'm doing up a document in the style of the earliest printed documents. For this, I need to find a blackletter font that supports long s « ſ » and r rotunda « ꝛ ». Are there any such fonts out there?...
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15 votes
2 answers

What is the style of font called that is typically used in newspaper mastheads?

Does anyone know of a font suitable for the title of a newspaper? It is also the type that's used for the first letter of a chapter of a book (and is so calligraphic, you can't tell if it has serifs ...
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2 answers

Medieval gothic font with cyrillic characters

There are plenty medieval gothic fonts with latin characters, but I can’t find one with cyrillic characters. Can you recommend some?
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