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Questions tagged [blending]

Questions about blending, the process of smoothly transitioning from one visual to another, or abrupt blends between image layers of a single visual

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How to repeat Blend If 'Underlying Layer' Photoshop blending with a mask

I'm trying to repeat a Blend If 'Underlying Layer' blending with a mask. I have a background layer with some shapes and an orange layer: I set the dark levels of Blend If to 90/130: I've tried two ...
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How to isolate an object from its background when you have the isolated background already?

So I have multiple objects that are all on the same background but I only have them as flat images and also the background image alone, thought with some blending magic ("Difference", "Color to alpha/...
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2 answers

Exporting an image with transparency and multiply/darker blend layers

Help! I'm trying to cut a person with fairly complex hair from a background. I've got a result I'm fairly happy with inside Photoshop I've used a couple of blend layers (multiply, darken) to make ...
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Mixer brush tool uses desaturated colour instead of the selected colour

Whenever I'm blending using the Mixer brush tool it will use a slightly desaturated colour instead of the colour I have seleced. Here is what I mean: ]1 When I use any non blending brush for lining or ...
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How to find the second color in a blend of two RGB colors?

I would like to restore the original color from a blended RGB color, using a known RGB color. How can I find it?
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Add transparency without lightening the color

I'm certain there's a more accurate term for what I'm seeking, but I'm unsure of what it might be. So... I basically need to do this: The image features a solid black background. On this background ...
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2 answers

Remove blended text from raster image

I have this character I want to remove. The interior of the character was generated using a known gradient map. I can remove the character using content aware fill, but that does not take into ...
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Is there a program or tool that can determine the alpha value of a color given it's background and foreground color

I have a color that has a HEX value of 180031 or rgb(24, 0, 49). However, the color is supposed to be a shade of purple with a black background, but I don't know what the alpha value is. Is there a ...
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Export with blending options not accurate to what is on screen in Photoshop

My layer has a black background. I remove it with Blending Options on my Layer Style. On the left is my export, which still shows dark colors, but in Photoshop zoomed in, the dark colors are gone, ...
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Can I make hatch lines that are evenly spaced and contoured in illustrator?

I’m learning to do contoured cross hatching in illustrator Obviously if I create two lines at two angles and blend them, some areas are more densely spaced than others. In a cross hatching context ...
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Managing blend modes on illustration

I have made pupil of eye by blending different layers in 2nd artboard but when i move it to my original sketch it become little transparent due to blending different layers. i cannot change blending ...
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Adobe Illustrator - Blend Inner and outer line

I am using Adobe Illustrator; I have these two shapes: outer and inner, and I want to repeat them in between. I tried offset path with miter and they didn't matc;, the corners were starting to get ...
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Using Photoshop, how can I create an effect in an image that will blend with other images it is displayed over the top of outside of Photoshop?

I'm something of an amateur and am slowly self-teaching myself Photoshop through experimenting with different projects. My current project is a fan edit of some game assets that aren't packed or ...
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Trouble using blending options tool in Photoshop CS6

I have a Surface Pro 4 and I got Photoshop CS6 64 bit. I am having some trouble using it though since the words dont show up with the option in the blending pop up window. If I click on it, the ...
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Blending mode behaves differently on a group?

Why is the blending behavior different on a group? Layer vivid light blend over colored layer. Exaxt same layer inside a group with vivid light blend. And is there any way to get the below effect ...
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synfig: animate a key going into a lock

I would like to animate a key going into a lock, so that as it goes in it hides the part already inside the lock. How can I do it in synfig?
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