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In formatting, bold makes a text become darker and a little bigger.

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OpenType 'calt' feature behaviour between font tyles/weights OR how to make a glyph correspond to any other font next to it?

I'm looking for a solution for my connected script font which has multiple weights in its' family (light, regular, bold) The problem: Individually, the styles work perfectly fine and letters/glyphs ...
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How can you make bold text if the font does not have "bold" included?

I am working with some fonts, and none of them have the "bold" option. The font is too thin, and the result is not well legible. So, I was wandering: is there a way to turn the text into a ...
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How to increase thickness of pen/pencil drawing?

I have a notes/drawing drawn with light and thin color pencil. How do I increase the thickness of the color pen or pencil handwriting or the drawing and make it heavy weight and bold? How do I make my ...
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Creating a version of a monospaced font where bold is the same as regular

I am using the Fixedsys Excelsior font as a custom font in several programs, and every now and then, the interface requests the text to be bold. I am assuming that in this case, a bold version of the ...
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How can I make "Ink Free" font bold in InkScape

So just downloaded InkSpace for Windows, and there is a cool font I like "Ink Free" The thing is it does not have the bold option in the dropdown.. Any ideas on how can I enable this op
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Resizing faux-bold text makes it ... bolder

I'm using Scriptina Pro on a design; it’s a fairly thin font. I used faux bold and now it’s perfect. However, when I resize the entire graphic to be smaller, the text turns huge, puffy even. Any idea ...
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InDesign GREP style Bold before tab

I have this GREP style that bolds text before a colon but I would like to do this without a colon. I have done this as a paragraph style to apply bold to list of abbreviations. ^[^:]+ When I have ...
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Extra emphasis on boldface, sans-serif font, with constraints on colour

I am writing a pdf report. I have the following list. The problem I have is the underline to add extra emphasis. It seems out of fashion to underline for emphasis, though I admit there's not much ...
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Bolding part of text in logo. Why?

What is the design logic in making part of the text in a logo bold (eg, the logo of this exchange). When is it appropriate, and what impact does it have on the text that is not bold? Thanks in ...
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Making text bolder with strokes

In Illustrator, I am trying to make my text bolder by adding a stroke to it. The stroke is the same color as the text, but when saving as SVG, the stroke is considered separate from it, adding ...
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New Trend In Typo Blod or Thin [closed]

Does anyone wanna share opinion on THIN fonts being used in mobile apps or even in websites? Is it the new trend. In early stages of iOS7 beta releases Sir Jonny Ive's team used Helvetia 45 Light but ...
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