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Questions tagged [branding]

Questions regarding imagery, colors, typefaces, or other visual or audio items used to identify a business entity.

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Arguments for or against adopting design guidelines in a different context than intended

I'm working on the educational exhibit signage for a forest-preserve visitor center. The forest preserve has a book of branding standards, but the standards seem to apply mostly to outdoor ...
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Updating a restaurant logo

"Kitchen 154" is a "punkish" restaurant that offers casual spicy food in Madrid, Spain, and I am updating their logo. They started with a lean DIN 1451 Std font. Now I am "grunging" it a little bit. ...
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Corporate Webdesign Manual?

For the Corporate Identity / Brand, there is usually a manual. It is a great deliverable for the client and for me as a student, it is a great way to learn about webdesign. While there are many ...
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Is co-design applicable to branding projects?

I've been reading up on co-design / human-centred design (whatever you want to call) it recently. It seems like a great approach to take when working on, for example, large web or app projects as it ...
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Is it OK to only use the wordmark of a logo?

I have a logo that resides in this category: Combination mark When a symbol and a wordmark fall in love, they make a logo. More specifically, a combination mark (a traditional logo) is comprised of a ...
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What is the 60 30 10 color rule?

What is the 60 30 10 color rule for website? How to choose the best color scheme for your website?
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Product Design: Text Orientation and Quantity

I have a question about how the quantity and orientation of text can impact on the user experience. Have a look at the attached sketch. It's supposed to show the logo above, and company name and ...
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How to develop separate visual identities for different educational programs on the same website

I have been asked to work on a visual identity project. The company is an academy (parent company) which has a single website. However, the academy separates its programs into 4 fields of music ...
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Designing an image that is a multiple/tile of another image

I am trying to come up with a concept design for a background image that uses a repetition and/or tiling of the original image to achieve an effect that allows the audience to recognize the original ...
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Illustrator: Any way to convert letterhead/sheet design to Word?

I'm not sure if the question is clear, I'll try to explain. This client asked for some branding sort of work which includes, on top of regular header/footer letterheads, some files with fields which ...
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Crossed X logo with outlines

I'm making a logo with a centered X and I know I've already seen a logo that looks like this I would say in an english clothing brand. I would really appreciate it if any of you could help me ...
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