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STOP. Technical support for bugs is off-topic here. If this tag is appropriate then you should be asking on your software's support website or customer service.

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The object "Script Name" is not currently available

I made an action, inside this action, there is a script (about set Artboard 4 Active) when I play it as a batch I get an error The object "Script" is not currently available. so the script ...
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Krita mysterious lines not on any layers

I was drawing in Krita and noticed a bunch of random lines near the top of the page, I tried to remove them however they don't seem to on any of the layers. As you can see on the image below all ...
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Illustrator CC artifacts in text stroke

I'm working on a logo in Illustrator CC, and have a single letter (text) with 5 strokes, but for some reason there are random black artifacts/lines that appear in the stroke. I hoped it was just a ...
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