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How does monitor calibration affect printing?

I am making a design which I would like to print later on (I do not know yet where, so I do not have the printer profile). The problem is always to make sure that the colours I see on screen are also ...
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Color accuracy issues Macbook / PC

I have a weird behavior between a PC and a Macbook (2016) regarding color accuracy. The PC is connected to a BenQ SW271 monitor and the monitor is in sRGB mode Both are calibrated using the X-Rite ...
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2 answers

Color calibration using reference color card

I want to measure (not qualitatively but quantitatively) how much "red" are different tomatoes (I can see one is more red than another but how much?). So I thought I could shoot a photo of ...
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Help me translate what the printing shop is telling me

I sent an email to ask a few questions to a printing shop about some gaming cards I want to print but I'm not sure I understood the answers they gave me. When I asked them, according to their ...
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Simple automatic callibration between print and scan

It ought to be fairly simple to make a program that prints a test page on your printer, compares the file to a scan of the printed page, and makes a calibration profile from that. This would ...
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Why should I calibrate my screen?

As both a web and print designer, I have never seen the need to calibrate my displays. Especially for web design, I wonder why I should spend several hundred euros to calibrate when I can instead test ...
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CMYK in notebook looks different in other media

I usually do my works in Photoshop in an Asus notebook. The problem that I'm having is that whenever I save a picture in CMYK format it looks fine everywhere I try to visualize it in my Asus, but when ...
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2 votes
3 answers

Monitor color profile VS Design

This is a question on principles, best practice, advice and opinion. Working with a large team of mix-matched professions, i have discovered many color profiles, some resulting in visually very ...
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Is it possible to convert photos created with an uncalibrated monitor to the calibrated profile?

I ordered a Colorimeter and I am wondering if it is possible to save my old monitor ICC profile before the calibration so that I can later in Photoshop convert my old images to the new profile so that ...
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image colors different from windows photo viewer to other programs

I have a jpg I output from Illustrator. When I view the jpg in Photoshop or a browser, the colors are consistent, but when I view the same jpg in Windows photo viewer, the colors are much darker. I ...
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Colors look different on other screens [duplicate]

Colors look great after editing in photoshop/lightroom at my screen! But when I look on all other screens the pictures look to warm (allmost yellow!) and to much contrast… is there something wrong ...
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13 votes
3 answers

How can I make sure that my on-screen colors are consistent?

I designed a mockup on my LG monitor. When I view the same design on another monitor that I own, the colors seem drastically different. I reset both of the monitors to their factory defaults, but ...
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My wacom pen out of sync on all graphics app

I installed lot of drawing software: MediBang Paint Pro Inkscape GimPhoto Krita MyPaint but then my pen started out of sync on those apps (cursor shows on about 400 pixel more right and 300 pixel ...
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3 answers

Display Screen colors on laptop vs desktop [duplicate]

I do my work on a laptop. I have this problem and I'm trying to find a solution which the problem is when I set screen brightness on 100%, the colors on my screen are mixing up with the backlight of ...
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Problem with adobe PDF preview and indesign colour calibration

I've been trying to work this one out today to no avail. The 15 image on the right is how adobe pdf viewer and Indesign CC display my file. The 15 on the left is how it prints; I can only seem to ...
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2 answers

Just got a second monitor, and I'm not sure how to adjust them [duplicate]

So I got a second monitor and it's color greatly differs from my current one. The new one is a Samsung PLS monitor, the older one an ASUS model (no idea which); both have a Full HD resolution, the ...
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Advice for setup working room (colour management)?

I'm newbie graphic designer (for iOS app, Android app and prints). I have watched color management course. They suggest me to use the calibration machine like X-Rite ColorMunki Display or Spyder5 Pro. ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Is there any low cost way to Calibrate my display?

I'm using Apple cinema display model number A1316 27 inches. I think it is from 2010. I'm making User Interface for mobile app and we also plan to make some marketing collateral (some printed ...
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Does monitor calibration temperature depend on the season?

I just bought X-rite calibration kit but one thing makes me curious. Should I set colder white point (6500K) for summertime and warmer (5000K) for winter? Will global warming affect my settings?
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Logo colors look very different on different devices, how to resolve? [duplicate]

I designed a logo with a CMYK of C:60, M:0 ,Y:50, K:0. On my PC (Windows 8) it appears teal, which is the color that the client wanted. When I sent it to her, it appeared like a very bright lime green,...
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What factors should one consider when picking color calibration solutions?

Recently I've begun giving more thought to display calibration. I'd previously ignored this practice largely because: I worked with really cheap monitors at work. I work mostly with web graphics, and ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Right color balance MAC vs Windows

I've designed a web page on a Mac computer. When testing it on windows in appears with something like 20% less saturation. The page is public, for the web, so the final user may have any kind of ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Photoshop color weirdness after calibrating LCD

I've just purchased a calibrator (Eye One Display 2) to calibrate my two screens, because the difference of colours between them was huge. Now that I've calibrated them, the colours are almost ...
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Calibrating a screen on a budget?

How would you calibrate a screen on a budget? Are there simple, affordable devices, methods, or printed kits that help achieve at least some degree of colour correctness on a modern TFT monitor? ...
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