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Questions tagged [calligraphy]

Calligraphy is a visual art related to writing where lettering is produced with a broad tip instrument, brush, etc.

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1 answer

Umbrella term for typography, lettering, calligraphy

Is there a term to refer to the type design, lettering, calligraphy, and other related types of art/design?
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2 answers

How to design Square Kufic type Logos(Any identity) in Illustrator?

Anyone here to guide me on: What's the easiest yet efficient way of designing a Square Kufic Arabic logos in Illustrator? It can be from English letters as well, not only Arabic, but I am more ...
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2 answers

calligraphy brush

after writing a hand written letter with calligraphy brush when i want to add some details with pencil tool it does not add the detail on same brush and it automatically turns into basic brush instead ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Inkscape 1.1 - cannot recreate calligraphy settings

Not sure how much help I can get on this, but I'm using a drawing tablet (XP-Pen) with the inkscape calligraphy tool. I created a letter I'm really happy with but am somehow not able to recreate this ...
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In Illustrator can I prevent a calligraphy brush stroke from changing when rotated

In Illustrator, using a calligraphy brush with a ~45 degree angle, I drew a path that looks good in my illustration. Now I would like to rotate that path to use it in a different orientation, but ...
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How can I reset the brush settings for all paths in Illustrator?

So three days ago I opened Adobe Illustrator for the first time in my life to prepare some embroidery patterns for my Christmas gifts. I never did on-screen calligraphy before, only on paper, so it ...
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1 answer

problem with all caps and i

as u can see, the text is in all caps and when i type in the letter I, i still has the dot on top of it! for further example:
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1 answer

Did I choose a good typeface to accompany my logo?

I have a logo (the swan) and need to choose a font to accompany it. I would like to make two logos: One where the company name is under the swan logo. Another one where the swan size is similar to ...
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14 votes
2 answers

Is all-caps blackletter no longer taboo?

Received typographic wisdom holds that blackletter (“Old English”, “Gothic”) text only looks good in lower case or with initial capitalization — never with capital letters in series. However, in the ...
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1 vote
1 answer

How to create brush in Adobe Illustrator

I have been trying to create this type of brush in Adobe Illustrator. This brush was created in Procreate but I am trying to get the same effect but in Illustrator instead. The bottom image is the ...
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1 answer

Algorithm for drawing calligraphy brush strokes *in SVG* [closed]

This is what I'm wondering about. You have a stroke and the actual brush stroke rendering. The final result looks something like this: <svg xmlns="" height="200" width="...
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0 votes
3 answers

How can I balance the weight of two individual shapes in a logo?

I'm creating my own avatar with letters V and K. Now, I like the idea that I have used but I'm finding it difficult to "balance" the logo. Please see image. Left part is for V and right part is for K. ...
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1 answer

What is this calligraphic font?

Does anyone know what this font is called? I have tried the font identifier programs online, but it wouldn't work because of all the swishes. I really love this font!!
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1 answer

Emulating a Procreate Brush Pen in Illustrator

I'm a hand letterer looking to take my work to Illustrator and I was wondering if there's a way to emulate this sort of look & method in Illustrator. So far I've only been toying with a Wacom ...
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1 answer

Inkscape .92 - Calligraphy Tool Problem

I have done cartooning in Flash for many years, and my resolution for 2017 is to go Open Source as much as possible. I downloaded InkScape 0.92 (Windows 10) . . . and I like it so far. However, ...
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1 answer

Wash chinese calligraphy brush outside?

Do any of you have any tips about how can I wash my chinese calligraphy brushes when I am not at home ? Regards
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2 votes
1 answer

Rotring 0.6 ArtPen alternative? [closed]

I'm wondering if anyone knows of a good calligraphy pen that could serve as an alternative for the discontinued Rotring 0.6 ArtPen?
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1 answer

Resources for hand-lettering [closed]

What are some of the most useful resources for aspiring graphic designers who want to try hand-lettering?
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3 answers

Can you suggest a font similar to this cursive shoelace style font from the Wale Mixtape

I need to find a font similar to this font: The font is from a mixtape "100 Miles & Running" by Wale. The font does not need to have "shoe lace" at all. Just needs to be cursive and similar ...
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5 answers

What shading technique/effect was used in this calligraphy?

Do you know what technique was used in this calligraphy? I would like to use Illustrator CS6 to achieve this look. The effect looks like glow in the dark.
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Where can I find some good low contrast calligraphy and script fonts?

It seems that lot of the scripts and calligraphy font I see have very high contrasts. So I wondering if there are any ones that have medium or low contrast (paid or free fonts). Low contrast uses ...
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1 answer

How to control variable width of line in Illustrator

I want to make specific part of a path wider. Width tool (cs5) gives me unwanted results on the rest of the path. Brushes do not offer control for bulge positions on long swirly paths. Even ...
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0 answers

Italic Cursive/Running Resources

I am in the process of practicing a running Italic hand, with most letters connected in the spirit of Paul Standard (I also own Alfred Fairbank's book). In addition, I'm trying to minimise the number ...
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