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A device for capturing images and videos.

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What does After Effects' "Focus Distance" correspond to in real-life cameras?

In After Effects' 3D camera settings there's a nifty one called "Focus Distance". Creating Motion Graphics with After Effects by Chris Meyer and Trish Meyer says: Aperture’s not-so-evil ...
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What is the command called in Cinema4D that brings up the four camera views? [closed]

It was originally mapped to MMB, but I changed the shortcut and now I want to bind it to something else, but I don't know what the command is called. It is the property which brings up four viewport ...
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Size of the pixel in world units

I am working on 3d max 2019 and I am facing a problem which is knowing the size of the pixel in world units of the images acquired from a free camera or physical camera in 3d max 2019. These ...
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Photoshop Composite: Glass Reflection

I'm trying to make a composite where the camera is facing the glass but focused on the reflection of the city or what is behind the camera. Are there any ways to make this more realistic?
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When should I set the final output camera in maya ? [closed]

I have a question , Please help me . When to set the final output view camera ? Should I set that before modeling or after finishing the model . I have big confusion on it . If I set the camera ...
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Creative logo creation with a word [closed]

I have a local business of photography in Chennai India. The name is "Khaleel Photography" I like to create a logo for my portfolio representing the word "Khaleel" and also indicates camera in it. ...
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How to move the background in After Effects?

I have just started learning Adobe After Effects, and I couldn't find how to do this : I have a character which looks like walking on a black background. So I want to move the background (or the ...
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A RAW image placed in a Photoshop Document doesn't pick up changes

I have just noticed that if you place a RAW image in a PSD(CS6), then tweak the RAW image using Camera RAW, the changes are not picked up by the PSD. I always try and keep my PSDs as open to change ...
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How can I make my graphics look less "cartoony"?

To begin with, I'm a programmer -- not a graphic designer, so I'm not very good at making pleasing looking images. But I want some that at least look decent enough for version 1 of my video app, and ...
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