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This tag should only be used for Canonical Questions and Answers that have been developed by members to resolve some of the most frequent questions we get.

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15 votes
1 answer

What should happen if a logo I made is similar to another?

Note: This is a canonical post created so that we can close the many similar questions as duplicates as discussed in this meta post. We have created a logo for a client and they love it. We've ...
37 votes
4 answers

How can I know what fonts a website is using?

How can I find out what font or fonts a website is using? Are there any tools or browser extensions that can make the job easier?
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37 votes
2 answers

I need to print an image at a certain size. What dimensions and resolution should I use?

(This question is meant to be a resource to direct others to given that this is a common question.) Given the task of creating an image that will be printed at a certain size, what pixel dimensions ...
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