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Questions about using separations of colors in digital images.

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Gimp: How can I control blur strength via data from a channel?

I want to apply a blur, but for the blur distance (strength) to depend on the corresponding value of a given channel. For example, if my control channel has a gradient from black at the top to white ...
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Saving spot color channel file as a TIFF in Photoshop

Is there a way to save a photoshop file as a TIFF with multiple spot channels in CMYK mode?
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Difference between "Empty area" and "Transparency channel" and "Alpha channel"

New to photo editing, so I've got some conceptional confusion about the colors and channels, In photoshop, we can create text layer, we can have text on top of an "empty space" the checker ...
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Photoshop way of transferring layer's alpha "channel"

New Photoshop user trying it for the first time. I'm trying to get an inverted alpha "channel" but I can't. There are things I'm missing. Steps I took: Create sRGB 512 * 512 pixel document. ...
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How do I create this CMYK effect in Photoshop?

I assume there’s some channel separation but I can’t get an image that’s the same result.
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Need help getting this color effect look [duplicate]

I've been trying to get a similar look as the photos in this image with the different color effects. I've tried messing with different blending options and even tried different gradient maps. However, ...
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How to create dropshadow on layer with alpha transparency in GIMP?

I'm working on a project consisting of a background image with several layers on top of it. Each of the layers consists of an image with alpha transparency, such that only part of each layer is ...
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GIMP: Why does "Channel to Selection" give such bright values?

As shown below, an extracted channel (here blue) gives a brighter result when using the "Channel to Selection" from the context menu in the Channels panel and creating a mask from that ...
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Move color channels and spot colour channel at the same time?

when I select part of my image layer and move it with the move tool, the colour channels move as expected but the graphic on the spot color channel stays where it is. I have to go back and select the ...
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How can I map a grey scale image to a specific color channel gimp?

I have a grey scale image, and I would like to map it to a specific color channel (red in may case), in gimp. That is, I would like to produce an image with only red channel, and that the red and non-...
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GIMP not exporting personal channel

I have created an image with a parchment-like effect. I achieved that creating a personal channel and applying to it the filter Render > Noise > Solid noise. I then painted on different layers ...
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Inverted colour-erase in GIMP (or extract specifc hue)

I have the below image that I would like to remove the background from. As well as some text grinning through from the back of the page, there are some vestiges of the paper colour (yellowish) and ...
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How to invert the values of a specific color channel in Photoshop?

I want to invert the green channel for my normal map texture (for use in a program which uses different handedness from the program that generated it). How do I do that using Photoshop preferably (or ...
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How do I change specific channels with the curves tool in GIMP?

When I click the "Channel" dropdown in the Curves tool in GIMP, all of the channels are grayed out and I can only select "Value". What would cause them to be grayed out? What do I need to do to change ...
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How to merge 3 images into a single one by RGB channels?

I have 3 different images: for the first one I'm only interested in the RED channel; for the second one the GREEN channel; for the third one the BLUE channel. My goal is to create a single RGB image ...
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Gimp Python-Fu how to copy a channel

Suppose I want to copy the red channel of an image (thus creating a new channel). How do I do that with Python-Fu? EDIT: basically, I need to create luminosity masks. So far, I tryed the following ...
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How can I compare alpha channels pixel by pixel?

I've got two TIFF files with RGB and multiple alpha channels. The RGB channels are pixel by pixel identical. The alpha channels have values from 0 to 255. How can I compare an alpha channel in each ...
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Duotone psd file for (offset) printing

I read that answers at this question: Preparing design for duotone printing? I need it to be more specific about the step: use the complementary RGB channel, in this case Red (E) Play with the ...
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In a CMYK raster image, why does pure black look darker if I switch off other 3 channels?

File mode: CMYK CMYK working profile: Fogra 39 Grayscale working profile: Dot gain 15% Any region with pure black (0 0 0 100), if I turn off the cyan, magenta and yellow channels, it gets slightly ...
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