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Popular free web browser created by Google, available for most devices and operating systems.

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How can I achieve this kind of super smooth liquid chrome texture effect?

How can I achieve this type of super smooth liquid chrome texture? Is it done with 100% in Photoshop? Have tried this on illustrator with blending tool and bring it on Photoshop, and only use liquify ...
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Cinema 4D Chrome Type

I'm fairly confident that this effect (shown below) is achieved in photoshop rather than 'proper' 3d software, however if I wanted to achieve it in Cinema 4D, how would I go about doing it? The ...
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Differences in rendered color for text with small font-sizes (16px) in Chrome and Firefox?

I have a text with the following color and font-size: color: rgb(60,128,124); font-size: 16px; But they look completely different on when rendered by Chrome (when compared to what I get on Adobe XD ...
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Icon looks very transparent when uploaded to Chrome Web Store [closed]

I'm currently developing a Chrome Extension and trying to upload my icon to the Chrome Developer Dashboard. However, when I upload my icon, the colored-in part looks very transparent. Here is what it ...
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Finding header font with Chrome's dev tools? [duplicate]

I've googled this but this info seems hard to find. Is there a way to identify header fonts using dev tools? I can get the body text, but clicking the various tabs (including COMPUTED) does not ...
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