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What's procedurally important in web building circa 2022?

I'm essentially seeking a "crash course" or explanation in any web building changes over the past few years - best practices, new methods, new pitfalls, etc. It's been a number of years ...
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Are there collaborative drawing software?

I was reflecting on Google Docs today and wondering if there are any graphic design software that include some real-time collaborative features? I'm talking about creating per se, not project ...
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How to split work while designing on InDesign?

I am new to InDesign. We are about 6 people working on an yearbook about 200 pages. The plan is to combine each article (separate InDesign document) to an InDesign book file. Is it practical in ...
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What is the difference between a project proposal and a design brief?

I am really confused about the difference between a design brief and project proposal and when I should use them during the collaborative design process for print and website projects. And I have ...
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What software do you use to manage your visual assets? (icons, illustrations, photos...)

I have thousands of illustrations, icons and photos that I usually reuse to create new visual assets (especially for illustrations). Do you have any recommandation for a software that would help me ...
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How to properly credit yourself/others for design work on a portfolio site?

I'm working on a portfolio site to showcase some of my design/layout/photography work. In a lot of cases, myself and one other person would work on a design idea; but in all cases, I am the one doing ...
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How do small agencies collaborate?

How do small office or agencies use share resources, client files, and so forth effectively to collaborate? Do they use local network attached storage, Dropbox, Google Drive, or something else? I am ...
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Would a minimalist collage still be a collage? [closed]

There is a collage making competition In my school. I want to make a collage using minimal design principles. Will such a collage even be considered a collage? Because all of the collages I have ...
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What should interaction between a UI Designer and a front end developer look like?

How should I write the guidelines for the design (colors, dimensions .etc) for the front end developer to use? At the moment I just create an overlay on top of my design and write notes in that ...
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Is there a way to convert from Illustrator to Photoshop and maintain things like text, lines, arrows as editable?

I am working with someone who likes to use Photoshop for their scientific figure layouts, but I prefer Illustrator. When I finish with editing in Illustrator I want to give it to them such that it is ...
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Are there any graphic design societies/clubs for experienced designers in the UK?

One thing I miss about college is the opportunities the societies and clubs offered in terms of work and collaboration with other designers in a passive way. This is my hobby, not just my job so I ...
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3 answers

InDesign: how to have editors collaborate on the content

We're working on a magazine in Adobe InDesign. Is there a way to include the text content dynamically, so that a person who doesn't have InDesign can edit the text and the edits will automatically be ...
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Version Control for Design files

Can someone describe their workflow they use to handle multiple versions of a file ? For example, if more than one person worked on it or you explored an idea with the design then realized you have ...
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