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Indexed PNG file blank when opening in GIMP. CHanging from Indexed to RGB has no effect

I'm trying to open a silouette file and add to a figure I made in GIMP. GIMP opens up a blank transparent background. I tried changing the mode from Indexed to RGB, but it's still blank. I tried ...
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How to apply certain indexed color in GIMP?

I have an indexed image with multiple instances of the same color in the palette. For example, I have #00FF21 color on indexes 3, 11, 27 and 40. I'd like to apply certain indexed color (e.g. 27) to ...
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Gimp - How do you specify a maximum number of colors when using a custom palette?

In GIMP, when converting the color mode of an image into indexed, you are presented with the following dialog: When you let GIMP create the palette for you, you are able to specify the maximum number ...
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Non-contiguous stroke (pixels touching diagonally) in Photoshop

I need to make a few custom subtitle bitmaps for a DVD. The trouble is that DVDs support only 3 colours, which gives me one colour for letters, one for anti-aliasing and one for outline. What I've ...
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What is the most efficient (size-wise) lossless format to store 2 bit color depth indexed image, preferably in Gimp?

Using Gimp, I reduced an image to 4-colors indexed mode. I actually need only 3 colors: black, blue and white/background, but due to the 2^n constraint I went for black, white and 2 shades of blue. I ...
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How can I apply Indexed colour to a large number of animation frames

I would like to create an animated gif from a number of frames in Indexed Color (or otherwise with a limited palette + dithering). However, changing the Mode to Indexed Color flattens the image. Thus, ...
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Use specific color map index as transparent in a .gif file

Is there a way of setting the color to be used as transparent in a .gif file to a specific index in the color map? I have tried ImageMagick. For example, if I want to make all red in the image to use ...
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Generating 8-bit versions of images

I want to generate decent-looking 8-bit versions of existing images for a project I am working on. The current method I am using involves changing the mode of the image to Indexed Color with the ...
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How do I set a Photoshop image to just pure black and white, no grayscale?

i'd been googling for answers for this, all guides point me to make it grayscale, but actually it is still not enough, it still allows non-black(gray gradient). What I want is Suppose I ended up ...
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Why can I create layers, but not layer groups in the indexed color mode in gimp?

I'm making some pixel art in gimp and I so I figured I should use the indexed color mode since I won't be using very many colors. About halfway through my project I realized that I wanted to be able ...
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How to change index image to background image in Photoshop

I have recently opened some images and in the layers palette, instead of saying "background" it says "Index". I have been unable to figure out why it says "index" and cannot do anything to the image ...
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Should I scale an image first, or index it?

I have an image, it's the Backtrack_5_PitchBlack.jpg found at, and I'd like to get it down to 640*480 for a Grub4DOS splash screen. Unfortunately, this also ...
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