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Questions tagged [color-management]

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1 answer

How to keep the colour of a logo visually the same on digital platforms and on print?

The design is to be printed on product packagings and also to be on the client’s social media profiles. The goal is for their customers to see the same colour visually in both places. When designing, ...
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2 answers

Derive a color from another one and a “ratio”?

(Disclaimer: I don't understand well color models.) For a document, to be typeset thanks to LaTeX, I have: a “dark” color (DC for short): CMYK(1,.60,.10,0), a “light” color (LC for short): CMYK(1,.35,...
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3 votes
1 answer

Colour management - matching CMYK to clients pantone

I have an HP latex 335 large format printer and utilise SAI software for the rip etc. I have a client who requires a print that matches there Pantone. My question is I have discovered the colour ...
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how to export a pdf without color profiles or color management for print?

First time posting here after reading a lot. I have to send my design to the printer for vinyl artwork. Now the printer specs read: "Color room is CMYK and / or spot colors, without color ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Confusion with color management - how do I get consistent colors between different viewing tools?

I'm trying to understand how to color manage to get consistent results but I'm failing spectacularly at it currently. For reference I'm using Cinema 4D with Redshift, working with ACES. On the default ...
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0 answers

In macOS and using Adobe Illustrator, how can I make a photo appear and look as if the OS was using a different display profile?

Say for example in macOS, under System Preferences..Displays..Color.. and choosing the display profile "Rec. ITU-R BT.709-5" as the current display profile (say P_Current). How can I make a ...
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1 answer

Why do my color management settings not save after I log out of windows?

I started to notice that whenever I saved an image in Photoshop, if I opened it back up in Windows Photo application, it would open with a yellowish filter. I learned that this was due to the color ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Is it possible to review the ink management options I chose in a cPDF?

For creating certified PDFs, I use multiple settings like PDF standard, as well as colour conversion into FOGRA profiles. When working in a strict identity, I use 'preserve numbers' to keep the exact ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Color management between Mac and PC

I have seen posts for color management between computer and printer, but I'm having a hard time finding the answer to color management between a mac and the printer and a pc and the printer. I work in ...
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2 answers

Illustrator: How to select a colour range

You know how you can select individual colours? And you can go to the select menu, and click select fill? I need to do that but for a colour range. Say for instance, you trace a photograph and ...
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0 answers

Problem with colors when making a CMYK document

I'm making my portfolio and as I understand, everything that has to be printed has to be set in the CMYK color mode. So, I chose CMYK. I'm using Illustrator CC 2018. The file tab shows the information ...
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2 answers

Why color printout looks different from display?

Hi, I'm new to design.Can you tell me what is the problem that makes my printout color so much different from the file. Printer is RICOH aficio MP c4502
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0 votes
4 answers

Problem with transparency when printing with black background - Scribus

I am currently realizing a poster with Scribus (I am a beginner) and run into troubles while printing with black background. I have several pictures with transparent backgrounds (png). First, the ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Is there a way to get correct color mixing without posterization, working with 8 bits only? Or something better than Linear RGB color space mixing?

I'm in search of a practical and orthogonal solution that preferably: Affect any blending mode. Can produce the most correct possible additive mixing. Produce the less posterization possible on ...
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4 votes
1 answer

How can I make this picture print exactly (or almost exactly) the way it looks on screen?

I have this image that is used as a cover page of a magazine I made. When I print it, it prints a very dark image and does not show the spiky designs at all. I saw some suggestions to use Photoshop ...
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