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Questions tagged [color-separation]

Questions about the production of separate negative images of the same subject taken through green, red, and blue filters, which are then combined to reproduce the full colour of the original.

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Offset printing 4 color text vs only tint of black

I'm setting up a process color offset printed letterhead and I have found thin 8pt (Acumin Pro Light) text--address line--set as a 4-color break (C38 M29 Y24 K5). Is it better to convert this to a ...
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EXPORTING PDF for Print from Indesign - 5 colour print with duotones/monotones, plus CMYK

How to export a 5 color doc to print in pdf export from indesign- . Its CMYK plus one pantone special ink. should i select 'no color conversion' or 'convert to CMYK' and expect my spot color to ...
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How to print halftones for screenprint with AccuRIP

Basically our screen printing team can only print a max of 6 colours. Anything more than that needs halftones but I can't figure out how the old artist did it. It seems like AccuRIP automatically does ...
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How to Output Color Separations as Vectors from Illustrator

My project is to implement a four color design in vinyl using a cutter/plotter, so each color needs to be cut separately. My plan had been to simply produce a PDF of the separations and send each of ...
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(color/shift) profiles in Scribus

I'm new to this stack exchange and I have a question. I downloaded some of the ICC colour profiles from Travis Shaffer's cool thing called [color/shift]. As I tried to put the thing into C:\Program ...
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How to separate the colors of an image as if they were channels

Sample input Sample output ("Yellow channel") Sample use case (Color exchanging) This should not be RGB/CMYK-related but color-related. I want to generate a color channel of the specific ...
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Smallest color set for overprinting?

I'm trying to design an art print that uses overprinting to create color variations, and I want to use as few component colors as possible. Given a design, is there a way to figure out the smallest ...
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Color separation for offset printing in Photoshop

It's easy to separate colors in Adobe Illustrator by converting the desired color into a spot color from the swatches panel in order to get it on a separate zinc plate.. But the problem I'm facing is ...
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Illustrator: How to select a colour range

You know how you can select individual colours? And you can go to the select menu, and click select fill? I need to do that but for a colour range. Say for instance, you trace a photograph and ...
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Screen Printing Color Seperation

I really don't understand these color separation channels for screen printing Here are all Channels. You can see RGB and I dont understand what they are channels 2-305-process ?
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How to achieve 2 chosen hue colour separation profile?

I'm really into the ColorLibrary colour separation profiles e.g. I wanted to use the blue and yellow one in a offset printed 2 colour book project, but as a ...
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Risograph Printing: Separation for Duotone Print

I am preparing my first print project to be realised with a Risograph. In the process, I have come across multiple recommendations to consider a duotone print as an effective way to print images/...
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