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8 answers

What is the best way to convince clients to send original image files instead of screenshots of images?

Some clients send screenshots of images instead of the image file. Is there a reliable way to communicate that it would be easier for them, and for us, if they simply sent the image file instead? I ...
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Are rhetorical devices, like metaphors, part of the encoding of a message?

The "Process of Communication" attempts to codify the act of communication. That is taking an idea, transmitting that idea to an audience, and receiving it by the audience. Here is one of many ...
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6 answers

How to describe/talk like a designer?

I am a front end web developer. I tend to mostly deal with code but do, from time to time, have the opportunity to create graphics. I notice the designers I work with are able to talk in great detail ...
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2 answers

Do any resources exist for designers to help improve their communication skills to clients

I understand that communication between client and designer is very crucial and it will set the tone for possible work and whether you may ruin your rep. That said I would like to improve my ...
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4 answers

What is a quick and concise way to explain online font licensing to a customer?

Customers are usually proud of their (offline) identities. As webdesigner, I regularly find myself having to explain that I can't legally use their licensed font in their webdesign. When I do, it ...
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How to tell a client when there is too much content for a design

I am working for a group of DJs -- making event posters for a monthly event at a local night club. It has been such a fun gig thus far for me. However, I have noticed that every person or group ...
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4 votes
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What are some good "mocking-up" practices in web design?

A friend of mine and I have been trying to start up a web design company, so we're looking to find the most efficient overall web-design process straight off the block. However after reading a few ...
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How can I visually represent and make a good contrast between Mechanical Stairs and fixed stairs?

The title says pretty much it. But here a little more context: There's a EXIT sign I want to improve. I should look something like this: Fixed stairs <= EXIT => Mechanical Stairs My questions: ...
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2 answers

How to convey requirements with a designer?

I am an app developer. Most of the time I will build the apps' user interface by myself, thus resulting in functional but not appealing apps :-( Like this -> one (link to AppStore) For a few ...
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What are the differences between syntactic, semantic, and pragmatic function?

What are the differences between syntactic, semantic, and pragmatic function? I do not fully understand these functions, and more so when it is in an advertisement.
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2 answers

Rebranding announcement timing

I've been searching all over the web about the Rebranding Announcement strategy and was not able to get to a solid conclusion about whether or not to make the Rebranding announcement before the ...
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2 votes
2 answers

How to convey the specifics of animation mockups to developers

The developer at my studio is pushing me to create more compelling/interactive mockups of websites. We are at a total loss as to how I can communicate the specifics of the animations in these mockups ...
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1 answer

What is the best color to markup art with and still be sensitive to colorblindness?

When communicate with people over a drawing I often like to mark it up to show where areas of interest are. The instinctive choice for color in the situation tends to be red, because red is often ...
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Representation of images (Pictorial/NonPictorial)

In the book Design Elements by Timothy Samara, Mr. Samara depicts a spectrum for the representation of images, ranging from pictorial (literal/concrete) representation to non pictorial (abstract) ...
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How to combine pictures to relate them to the person who viewed these pictures?

I have a lot of video footage in first person view, dramatic scenery, and a photo of an old man. I want to combine them to make a background picture (1920 x 1080) that should transmit the message: ...
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2 answers

Pictograms to show supply chains

I am having a hard time coming up with the right pictograms. I am making a video game that features simulated industries, like mines, smelters, sawmills, bakeries, and so on. And I need to annotate ...
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How to improve communications skills and find mentors for designers?

My wife works as a graphic designer. English is a second language for her. She speaks and reads English pretty well but sometimes gets lost in the nuances and cultural references that are second ...
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Does there exist a mono-spaced (fixed-width) font for all Unicode characters?

Does there exist a font for all 149,186 characters in Unicode such that every character, or symbol, in the font has the same width as any other character? It is very difficult to write python scripts ...
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