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Questions about the payments and payment structures for design projects and individual designers. The scope of such questions can range from Direct compensations, Indirect Compensations to Non-Monetary Compensations.

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How to compensate for printing on shipping containers?

I'm preparing some print materials for a new office for the company I'm working in. One piece of the materials is a huge logo printed out on a shipping container-like, ribbed sheet metal. It sort-of ...
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2 answers

Spec-work vs pro-bono?

What is the difference between spec work and pro-bono? I have always considered pro-bono work to be a form of spec-work, but I notice that the AIGA position states: Yet not all unpaid design work ...
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Where to ask for free work?

I am keeping a close eye on the question about logo design contests, and I hope that my 1st Question here does not get completely slammed. It never really occurred to me that 'logo design contests' ...
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