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What is the technical branch of concept at design behind the "industrial spaceship style"?

Look at these concept arts of spaceships [1],[2],[3]. It is clear that they "merge" heavy machinery vehicle elements and the fiction of a spaceship. I would like to know the name of this ...
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How do I create realistic looking mobile phone designs? [closed]

I have a few mobile phones' structural designs in my mind and want to propose them for pitching. I need to create the designs on paper and then represent them like this:
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What is this kind art called?

There are many different kinds of concept art, but I'm very interested in this style. What is this style called? art by: Marco Bucci
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How can I paint over a picture or a 3D model in Photoshop?

I was reading a few tutorials and they mentioned Over Painting (Or Paint Over), something like painting on top of the reference picture (like tracing but with colors instead of lines). As described ...
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Logo redesign suggestions [closed]

I have a client who wants to redo his website logo redone. He don't want to use or incorporate cliches like such as the magnifying glass and buildings. He wants a "pear" to be his logo/branding to ...
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Client wants to use more than one design concept presented

A design contract stated that work done would be for the cost of (1) final presentation folder design. Upon presenting three concepts to the client for consideration (concept 1&2 being similar and ...
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Is this is a specific type of Design drawing?

Being inspired by Apple's design, I came across some of Jony Ive's earlier work, and noticed he produced these drawings-- I have seen their 'style' before and it seems like industrial/product ...
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How can I prepare for a career in character design?

I'm a young girl and I love to draw, especially characters. I started drawing people when I was much younger. I love character design. I would like to have a job that involves drawing people in ...
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Is designing/drawing characters and backgrounds for video games a part of graphic design?

I want to work as a designer of videogame characters and backgrounds, but I don't know if there is such a job, or what it is called (illustration, graphic design, concept design?). I am about to go ...
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What is a "visual library" and how to work on it?

Reading through concept art forums, Ive met an opinion, that one of the most important things for a concept artist is to have a vast visual library. Out of the context of that opinion I take that this ...
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Skillsets specific for concept artists

I simply love the idea of making concept art, and Id like to know, what skillsets are most important for someone who is trying to find a job in the industry or do some freelance work. Whats most ...
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Original creative ways representing users photo thumbnails on a social media homepage? and examples

**What are creative ways of representing user profile pictures on a homepage ( or you can call them avatars but they will always be a real small version of a real photo like 80x80 pixels in size. Are ...
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Storyboard for a product pitch

I've never done a storyboard/visual user story for a new app/software program before, so how would I do that? Or what are the key elements? Basically, I need to create a storyboard of how it would ...
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Distinguishing characteristics of the concept art industry?

What distinguishing characteristics apply to the concept art industry that separate it from from other related fields of graphic art, design, and illustration? What are the unique educational ...
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What's a good way to get into Concept Art?

I'm a game programmer, and so yeah, you could call me creative, but I've only created code-generated visuals. I want to get into Concept Art. Where are good places to start? I am looking for both ...
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What is the type of these coarse drawings?

Disclaimer: This question might not be suitable for this site, I am not sure beforehand. Having seen this sketch on today's Google Doodle, I remembered that I have an innate crush for them - those ...
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