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Questions about the creative process of translating information, communication goals, and technical requirements into principal ideas that form a design solution.

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How do you break out of current creative mind sets?

Most designers hit a roadblock at one time or another. Few designers get those "dream" projects where they are allowed to create anything and everything they want. In most cases we all have to ...
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Designers response in an adverse situation during the presentation of a project

Hypothetical situation: It is a presentation of a corporate image for a male sports club. The meeting includes the client, the marketing director, the purchasing manager, the client's wife, and two ...
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How to bind the endpoint of a line to a rectangle/circle in Illustrator?

I am a beginner user of Illustrator and I like it a lot. I also like to make concept maps like this one: I was wondering if there is a possibility to easily create and modify concept maps ? The ...
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Testing visual lay-out and concept of interfaces on users before really starting development?

This is essentially about lay-out and visual structure, and using a couple of more or less random people to help thinking ("Random" people can mean someone passing your office, your neighbour, cousin, ...
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How or why do your eyes move away from a focal point to other elements?

In studying composition, we're told to pull the viewer's eyes into the frame using a strong focal point, and then lead his/her eyes into moving around inside the frame and hold his interest inside the ...
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How can I legally design something which looks like US currency notes?

I've been asked to create artwork for a mock US currency bill. Similar to those fake novelty bills you can purchase. (This is not my artwork. It is merely something Google found as an example) The ...
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How Many Directions / Concepts

This is mainly referring to branding / logo design. I typically offer (at least) 3 different ideas so that my clients have more of a choice of what they prefer. I will then revise their favourite ...
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Branding a company that has no public identity

Ok, that title might seem a little strange, but I will try to explain. And I will say, I do know this is more of a discussion type question, and not a technical question. Hopefully I wont get down-...
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How to promote three different products to three different audiences in one banner?

My client requests something like the title described. I do not agree the initial idea though. As they insist on doing in this way, I had to come here to ask for some help. Let's put the question ...
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What's the limit that defines a copy of a design? [closed]

Recently Malika Fabre post on Twitter a clear and blatant (and coarse) plagiarism of one of her magnificent posters for the British Bafta Awards (Twitter link): In a Design course, as a final work, ...
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Where can I get logo inspiration? [closed]

I am wondering if there is any free online place that I can use to get some design ideas. I want to get those ideas and then use a service like Fiverr to get a for example logo designed for me. For ...
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