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PowerPoint: Is there a way to use PowerPoint as a 'CMS'? i.e. I create a template with assets & folder., and my client can replace the assets

I am using PowerPoint to design a series of templates for my client. (Yes, I know PPT is not the most ideal solution, but that was the decision) This will be used to display some text & image ...
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How can I replace an image with another image in Picture Collage Maker Pro?

I use Picture Collage Maker Pro on Windows 10 to make a collage. I have an image in the collage, which I'd like to replace with another image. In Photoshop 23.5.1, I would right-click on the image in ...
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Link coreldraw characteristics

Is there any option to "link" paragraph content and characteristics something similar to object style posted an example where i have to copy some contents from left to the empty right side
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Illustrator - How to export artboard in .ai format with only what's inside artboard

I have a huge map made in Illustrator. I made 30 artboards in this map and would like to make an .ai file from each artboard in order to work with smaller files. But each time I save using .ai and ...
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Moving content within the art board in sketch

I am working in sketch. My question is, is it possible to hand selected certain parts of the board and move them up in unison withough disturbing the non selected area? basically i have a long ...
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Is there a way to mass delete text without deleting the text frames in Indesign?

I'm trying to delete text in non-linked text frames without having to individually click inside each one, select all, and delete. Is there a faster way of doing this?
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Why do websites tend to show the content to the left? [duplicate]

I've noticed a trend in content positioning on popular websites such as facebook, youtube, 9gag and many more.. they all have their main content to the left side of website. Why is this? Or is it just ...
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Light text on a dark background vs. dark text on a light background: which allows the reader to keep focusing for longer?

I did not want to get to the endless war of dark-on-light vs light-on-dark, but recently I discovered something interesting: while light-on-dark text is still less tiring for my eyes (and I also ...
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What is the general process for planning and developing a new website?

I work at an agency mostly focused in software development however sometimes a microsite is accessory to one of our solutions and we need to build it. I'm trying to define the process for creating ...
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How to Best Create Templates for Clients to edit the content/copy

The Big Question What is the best (possibly a software application) to create Documents (e.g PDF Brochures, Business Portfolios, Annual Reports etc)so that a client can edit the text content? My ...
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What factors make a campaign go viral?

I've been tasked with designing a viral campaign with limited budget. I've not worked on such things before, so I don't really have any idea on how to handle this task. What exactly makes a campaign ...
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Avoid text error in a huge book

My question is extremely weird, so please don't down vote before read it all. I'm a programmer enthusiastic and a graphic/web designer. 6 months ago, I came across an extremely annoying huge wall in ...
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Protocol for using other's designs for a demo

I ask this question based on an incident I saw on Dribbble. I am not going to say names or point fingers but a particular person had used someone else's designs as part of a demo and the owner was ...
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