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Questions about the variation of colour and shape in visual elements, text and illustrations, to define difference/sameness.

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Where can I find a large palette / set of contrasting colors for coloring many datasets on a plot?

I need large set (20 and more) of contrasted and easily visually-distinguishable colors for coloring different datasets on a scientific plot (the set of colors should not include white or black, and ...
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2 answers

Clearly distinguishable colours for scientific figures

I am looking for pointers on how to pick a set of colours (or a colour gradient) that are clearly distinguishable, for use in scientific figures. Was there any systematic research on this? If yes, I'...
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Contrast ratio between foreground and background

What is an acceptable contrast ratio between a foreground and its background?
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8 votes
3 answers

How to calculate the best type colour for a random background colour?

I might need to present content at multiple levels depending on the distance of the observer to a display. Let's say from far away the user perceives a flat colour, but from a close distance the user ...
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2 answers

How to determine exact contrast ratio

Because of the recent Web accessibility Law in my region, I need to ensure I'm designing with an appropriate contrast ratio. WCAG says the value of this ratio is 4.5:1
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Light text on a dark background vs. dark text on a light background: which allows the reader to keep focusing for longer?

I did not want to get to the endless war of dark-on-light vs light-on-dark, but recently I discovered something interesting: while light-on-dark text is still less tiring for my eyes (and I also ...
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Is there a metric for "apparent" chroma?

I'm not sure this is the right place to ask, but is anyone aware of a metric for apparent chroma? Now I understand that "chroma" and "chrominance" are very overloaded terms, so to clarify, I ...
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5 votes
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How do I make objects and text stand out over a busy photo background?

I frequently have to place objects and text on photo backgrounds and some backgrounds make it hard to see the objects. To get good contrast I will try to pick a background image that has large flat ...
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How to select a font color to go on a very busy background? [duplicate]

I'm a developer and don't have much design experience. I'm creating a landing page for a project I'm working on. I want to use the below image as the background for my landing page. As you can see ...
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Inkscape for cartography : automatic fore color of texts for maximum contrast over background

I have again a series of cities names on a map. I have a solution to fill a background rectangle that can be semi transparent to make the text always visible, great. What I want to do now is ...
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How to find a maximum set of well separated color-gradients black-to-color?

I have a question similar to, but hopefully sufficiently different from, this question here: 'Where can I find a large palette / set of contrasting colors for coloring many datasets on a plot?' I have ...
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3 answers

Any problems with light text on dark background?

My high school journalism teacher always said putting light text on a dark background is hard on readers' eyes and is a bad thing to do. But in my experience making spreads, there are many instances ...
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2 answers

design/ display user evaluation state's

Im looking to discuss ideas on how to represent the "evaluation of a user". You the evaluator Users to be evaluated Based on score border around user profile is different color How could this be ...
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