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Questions about (elements of) software that prevent unauthorised copying of itself or other software.

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How do I restrict all of a PDF's editability EXCEPT for extracting and moving around pages?

I am starting to sell digital PDFs, and I want my customers to be able to move pages around between PDF files they have and customize them, but I don't want anyone trying to edit individual elements ...
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What printer offers the best quality?

I am not sure if this is the best place to post this but it seems like the best from what i've found. I need to print stickers for identifying my company assets and I'd like to put security features ...
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How to decide if a design is very similar to my own work?

Edit: They finally responded and the cartoonist and his work submitted has been disqualified from that competition. I recently found out that a cartoon which was drawn just like one of my own posters ...
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Is it a copyright infringement [closed]

As I asked above .Is it a copyright infringement or not. If it is ,what to change in order to make an original content.
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How to prevent someone from copying my work? [closed]

If I were to design a shirt or any type of clothing with a graphic design. And I don't want anyone to steal my design and claim it as their. What should I do to prevent it?
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Can a detection mechanism like EURion be used on other documents than banknotes to protect them?

The EURion Constellation is a pattern of symbols that make it difficult to scan or photograph banknotes and import it into Photoshop. From Wikipedia I am interested in understanding how this system ...
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How can I protect my images by claiming with others?

I want to post images to my website and social media. But I don't know how will protect my images by to others. I know it can't prevent downloading the images. But how I can protect or have a proof ...
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Can we really prevent others from reproducing our layout proposals to our clients?

How can we prevent others (printing press) from reproducing our designs/layouts after we submitted our soft copy to our clients? Until now, I only submitted hard copies, provided that we can easily ...
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Can I digitally sign my graphic design works?

Apologies in advance if I misplaced this question and if it is a silly question to ask since I'm a newbie. I want to certificate my graphics works(such as mesh models, animation, etc.,) to keep ...
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How can a designer decide whether a competitors design is similar enough to their own to take further action?

There is a lot of copycatting out in the world, and it's a constant legal battle fought in higher courts. For us ants on the ground, grinding away in smaller capacities with little or no permanent ...
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How to handle client requests to violate copyrights?

I know Google image search is not a free-for-all to grab any image needed. However, many, many, many clients don't grasp this concept and often request or send images they'd like to use in a design or ...
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What copyright considerations should I take when putting work on a personal blog?

I've just started with graphic design, and I want to put some of the stuff I'm doing up on a Tumblr blog. I'm also taking some classes and doing a Certificate Program at MCAD soon, and want to form ...
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What to do if your website design got stolen?

Let say your website design got stolen. You saw your design being used from a different site or company. The only difference from your design is the logo and some images. What actions can you do to ...
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How to use Digimarc-protection on my files in Photoshop?

How many of you use or have used Digimarc? (It's kind of embedded, human–imperceptible watermark for your creation such as wallpaper, images and artwork.) If anyone has used it (Digimarc watermark), ...
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Is there any way to remove a digital watermark from my image?

Should I be concerned about someone removing a watermark I add to my image? Are there steps I can take to ensure that it's not possible?
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