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Questions tagged [creative-cloud]

Questions about Adobe's cloud-based subscription solution for their products. Please use a specific version tag, if appropriate.

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Simple Indesign cc script (I hope)

I keep having to do the same ting over and over. I get a text file with a 2-line header and the there is one list of names. I need to keep the header full width of the page and then have the two ...
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What is website strategy/creative strategy?

Can anyone explain in depth what is a Website strategy and creative strategy. Any good resource to learn the same. For example what is the thought process that goes in creating a new website as well ...
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How do i remove the chequred background on Ilustrator?

How do I get rid of this chequered background? I have tried Ctrl+command+H and is not working, please help?
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How do Import multipage PDF file Automatically?

I am using InDesign CC program and it takes longer time to place page by page, so I am wondering if there is a better way to import all the pages once I have done all my settings?
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Graphic Design brochure [closed]

I want to design a brochure-like the image and I don't know what size I will use in adobe InDesign ??
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