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Questions tagged [cross-platform]

Cross platform can mean working between more than one program (Illustrator and Photoshop) or operating system (Windows and Linux)

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Georgia typeface renders poorly on MacOS and iOS

I have been looking for a cross-platform friendly typeface, and in this regard Georgia seemed like a safe choice - or so I thought. After using it for a few days on MacOS, it seemed a bit off in some ...
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Illustrator exporting strange artifacts with Visio objects

I created a PDF file via Microsoft Visio (a scalable diagramming tool). Later on I decided to make some changes. Visio kinda' sucks, so I decided to swap over and modify it with Adobe Illustrator ...
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Exporting Adobe files to work in alternative platforms?

My Creative Cloud is going to run out soon and I'm looking into cheaper alternatives, such as Sketch, however I'm concerned about the files for current projects that I'm working on. Can they be ...
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Should design for a specific product across different platforms be consistent with the platform or the product?

Does anyone have graphic design advice for designing for a product across different platforms? I know from a UX perspective, it's important to take into consideration the different ways people ...
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Cross Platform Fonts and specifically cross platform Weights

I was hoping someone could help me with some research I'm doing. I'm looking into what fonts are available cross-platform. Not only Mac/Windows, but iOS and Android as well. I'm interested in the ...
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Cross platform (PC and MAC) font rendering issue and font conversion to SVG

I just purchased the DIN font, it includes all the following file formats (.otf, .eot, .woff and .ttf) Now these fonts don't look the same on cross platforms like MAC and PC, it looks great on PC but ...
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What 3d converter can handle .iges, .step, .sat, .dwg, .gdl? [closed]

I'm looking for a 3d Converter which can handle the following file types: Import iges step sat Export dwg gdl
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what's the legal status of copying an existing OS theme to implement a GUI framework

I'm not sure if this is an appropriate question for this site, but I tried to find an answer through Google and I found a question here about copying UI themes/paradigms so I hope it's not off-topic. ...
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Difference between Android, iPhone and BlackBerry

From the point of view of a graphical designer, which are the differences in developing for iPhone, Android and Blackberry. Is it possible to design for one platform and to use that work on the others?...
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Can I create a PNG from InDesign?

I usually have to export my InDesign file into an eps, then convert it to PNG in illustrator. Does anyone know an easier way?
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Tool for working with cross platform/desktop icon format?

I want to create/edit a desktop icon that must work on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux (KDE/Gnome) and mobile devices. Is there a tool that handles all these different formats?
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Range of icon sizes and formats on various operating systems

I would like to know the range of icon sizes allowed in different OSes (such as Ubuntu, OSX) and the default format they use. For example, windows allows icon sizes from 16x16 to 256x256 and uses a ....
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