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Is there any typographic mark for chapter?

Typographic marks allows to quickly visualize the organization of a structured text and help the readers to navigate through a document. This technic is especially useful in scientific literature to ...
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InDesign Cross reference footnotes numbers

—The goal/problem I am writing an academic thesis in InDesign CC 2019 (14.0.2) on mac OS 10.14.6. There are A LOT of footnotes. I hence use the automatic footnotes of InDesign a lot. Up until here, ...
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Connecting Newsletter Details to Header

I am new and learning InDesign, I am upgrading from Word and I was wondering if there was a way to link details within the newsletter to the header. More specifically I have the issue number on the ...
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Is it possible to reference two anchor texts hyperlinks for the same paragraph in Indesign

Is it possible to reference two anchor texts hyperlinks for the same paragraph in Indesign? I can create two different anchor texts for the same paragraph. However, when inserting the cross-reference,...
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3 votes
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InDesign: Can I use a variable in a cross-reference?

I have a book with many documents; each begins with a numbered "Chapter" paragraph style. Rather that numbering all the chapters manually, I use a variable for the chapter numbers. However, when I ...
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Why do my cross-references keep breaking?

I have a document, let's call it A, that consists mainly of a single text thread. Somewhere in this thread, there's a cross reference to another chapter in the same thread, and it works fine. I have ...
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2 votes
3 answers

InDesign constantly checks cross-references documents

When I create cross-references to other documents, InDesign gets very slow accessing to disk all the time (I can see the Windows icon) unless I open all related documents. Is there a way to ...
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Dagger used in text as a reference

Should a dagger (obelisk) come before or after its reference word? This symbol looks like a cross, sometimes refered to as a printer's mark (†) used esp. for references.
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Multi-level list InDesign

I am formating a book chapter and got stuck with tables, figures and sections numberings. I am trying for days. Can someone help me please? The book is organised like this: Chapter 1 Title (This is ...
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InDesign: Link back from cross-reference

for my recent project I have to make a PDF with endnotes at the end of every chapter. As we all know there's no easy way to do that in InDesign, only this more or less official workaround and some ...
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Indesign: Possible to make a fillable text-field that is automatically also shown in another place on the document (like cross-reference)?

Is it possible to make a fillable text-field that is automatically also shown in another place on a PDF document (like cross-reference)? ENTER PROJECT CODE (FILLABLE TEXT FIELD): CODE5491 ...
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How to remove characters from auto-numbering in InDesign cross referencing?

my document has autonumbered headings styled as following: 1) Numbered Heading level 1 1.1) Numbered Heading level 2 ... The auto-numbering is set as ^#)^> for heading 1 and ^1.^#)^> for heading ...
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1 answer

Creating Cross-References in Scribus

I've got a document where I want to add margin notes that display the page number of other relevant sections. I've been trying to accomplish this using the Insert > Marks > Anchor Mark to mark ...
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Gimp project referencing another Gimp project

I'm kind of new to Gimp and I try to make a custom card game. I have made many cards in poker format that are made of multiple layers that i export as png. I now found a site where I could print them, ...
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How can I find "unresolved or outdated cross-references" in an InDesign Document?

When one exports a book file from InDesign to PDF (and maybe other formats) it is possible to get an error message, "Unresolved or out of date cross-references" followed by a list of ...
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