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Adobe Creative Suite version 2. Released in 2005 was the second Creative Suite version to be released.

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Smart color display across multiple layers

I am using CS2. I have a series of a dozen layers, all with scattered red dots. Shades of red vary from light pink to dark red. Upper layers have preference over higher layers, making some pink ...
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Reducing drawings from 2 MB to 7 or 8 kB in Photoshop CS2 with minimal quality loss? [closed]

I like to send drawings to a cartoon vendor, but they require files no larger than 7 or 8 kilobytes. Some of my drawings are 7.8 to 13 megabytes at 8 bit RGB color in Photoshop CS2. Thank you for ...
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Drawing smoother lines in Photoshop CS2

I've seen people draw in Adobe Photoshop, however unlike my sketchy lines, theirs come out a lot smoother and I mean a lot. I was just wondering how to do this and if its a system thing rather then a ...
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want paths but stuck on vectors

I have adobe Photoshop cs2 and I would like to use paths(I use the line tool and shapes to do so) and I have before however I don't know if I clicked something but now when ever I try to use the box ...
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Will Creative Cloud open CS2 files [closed]

I use CS2 on an old iMac (OS 10.6.8). If I upgrade to the latest iMac (Yosemite) and rent Creative Cloud will I be able to read my CS2 files. If there's anyone out there who can help, I'd be most ...
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How to select a specific color in Photoshop CS2?

I'm trying to reduce colors from million to 7 exact colors. It's a fabric design, so I want to separate greens from the other colors. However, when I want to pick greens, other different colored ...
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How do I use the transform box to re-size a photo in CS2 and constrain the proportions? I don"t want to re-size by pixels or percent

I am placing a photo in my work space in CS2. Then I set it to transform the shape and then try to move the corner to adjust the size it goes all crazy distorted and does not re-size proportionately. ...
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Is Adobe CS2 free?

I heard Adobe has essentially released CS2 for free, i.e., giving away the license keys. Is it legal, if I owned CS4 at one point (but lost it), to download and use it?
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Is there a way to preview SVG files in Adobe Bridge?

I am not able to preview SVG files in Adobe Bridge since CS2 version. Has Adobe removed this feature or am I missing something? I'm using both Windows and Mac, version CC and CS6.
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How to make part of image transparent including all layers

I have an image with many layers. I want to define part of it as transparent. Is there a mask layer which makes all the layers under it transparent or something similar?
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How to create rounded corner using photoshop cs2?

In my application there is the requirement of the image with the rounded shape. I am new to use Photoshop so I want to know how it is possible to create the rounded shape of any existing image ? The ...
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