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Data-merge is a software function which compiles a final file from multiple sources of information.

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Illustrator variables / data-driven documents: how to batch-export one file for each data set?

With the Variables window in Illustrator you can make something a bit like a data-merge document with lots of variants for different records (InDesign’s data merge is usually better, but I have to use ...
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1 vote
2 answers

InDesign combines all csv separated columns as one field in data merge

I am trying to import an Excel CSV into InDesign Data Merge. Everytime I try to export the csv, it appears in Data Merge as only one field, with fields separated by semicolons, although in Excel I ...
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8 answers

Data Merge InDesign CC layout problems

If you know about Data Merge, you know most people have trouble with styles or with actual entries. Here, I'm having trouble with the layout itself. The document I'm working on will shift down and to ...
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How to auto delete a space left after a data merge in InDesign?

I have an InDesign document which is filled from the data in a CSV file using data merge. The CSV has columns for First Name, Middle Name & Last Name, but some of the data in the CSV isn't filled ...
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