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Data-merge is a software function which compiles a final file from multiple sources of information.

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How can I merge a heap of text into an image using Photoshop 2017 CC?

I have a templated PSD image that I want to use to build a heap of "memes" (for want of a better word). I have a heap of tips in text format. Most of them are 1-2 sentences at the most. I want to ...
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InDesign: Reposition Data Merge elements based on Data

This is a long shot, but I'm at a new job, learning InDesign, and wondering if I can automate something in a set of reports I'll regularly be generating. The organization I work for partners with ...
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Removing "space" in a data merge if not all names have titles to start with

I found a great reference on here for using Grep to remove a double space in a data merge if some names have a middle initial but others do not. But what do you do if the issue is at the start of the ...
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Quickly merge text frames in InDesign

Is there a way to quickly link text frames in InDesign? The only way I know is the one-by-one select the in/out handle on each text frame. My use case: I used data merge to create a merged Indd for a ...
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Best Approaches to streamline production design for assets

I'm looking for some suggestions for how to do best manage a design pipeline that requires lots of assets that need to be created based off a few core templates. For our marketing we have 2-3 core ...
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Create automatic low & high res pdf, png with inDesign for multiple user

I am working on a platform, which should create from an inDesign file a low and high-res pdf, a png and maybe a new indesign file with the new data. These steps are in my mind. User logins or create ...
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Data Variable Error "filter cannot complete because of an unknown error"

Hello, I'm a beginner in design, and I'm having trouble with applying the data variable function in Adobe Illustrator. I've searched extensively but couldn't find a solution. When I try to apply it to ...
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In InDesign Auto-size function doesn't work on linked text boxes with Data Merge

I have two auto-size text boxes that are linked. Data merge field A sits in the top box, data merge field B sits in bottom text box. They are separated by a Coloumn Break set right after field A. The ...
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Opening some PDF files in Photoshop shows "Import PDF" prompt, some don't. Why?

I have just started using Data Sets and all of my interchangeable graphics were saved from Photoshop as Photoshop PDFs without layers. Now I run the export data sets command and the process stops to ...
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variable data-set for large scale

Im trying to print sheets with multiple numbers on them. I have set up 12 variables on my file that will change from 00001 to 00012 and change with each new set from 00013 to 00024 and so on it ...
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How best to join multiple SVG Files info 1?

While I do realize that this question has bee n asked, and answered, the answers seems to have very mixed results, and unfortunately, the reasoning for the joining in the posts I have found appear to ...
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Data merging multiple pages with multiple text fieds in a Brochure [InDesign CC]

I have this InDesign CC document that is a multipage brochure (15 to be exact) that has a lot of text on every page. I need to know if there's a way to switch the data in every page with data merge to ...
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Responsive data merge in InDesign?

I'm using InDesign's Data Merge feature for the first time and am wondering if there is anyway for the text being input into InDesign from a .csv file can be responsive in size. For example, if the ...
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