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Questions about the use of illustrations to convey data. This is including but not limited to diagrams such as charts, maps, plots; and general graphics with underlying data.

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How to create a line graph around a circle

How can I recreate this chart (wave line) around a circle with actual data in Illustrator? Or is any other way to generate vector format? I need this for print.
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How do I select a high-contrast color set for a map?

Obviously, black & white are the highest contrast. I also want 2 sets of colors, so that regions on the map can be colored with good contrast. For instance, one region might be red, another blue,...
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When designing, what techniques can be used for determining if the right amount of "fluff" has been added?

Fluff (N.): something inconsequential Source: Merriam-Webster Online English Dictionary In design, this is often viewed as unnecessary ornamentation. In web design, where load times are important, ...
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How to visualize data? Which software should I use?

I'm interested to know what sort of software - beyond basic standard graphics out of Excel - people use to generate data visualisations. Do you craft things by hand and then build them in something ...
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How can I arrange words into a shape to make a "word cloud" design?

I want to create a T-shirt to commemorate the tenth edition of a gaming convention and I had the idea to have the names of all the games that were played during the convention form a big roman numeral ...
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How to visualise two-dimensional scientific data-points in a chart... in grayscale?

I am not sure whether this is the correct site for this question. The model comes from Physics, the data comes from computational physics, the plot is made with LaTeX but my question is about the ...
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How do you present a logo to a client? [closed]

I am newbie and would like guidance on How do you present the logo to a client visually in a professional way? What are the different ways of presenting a logo to a client? If there are links to ...
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How to display data labels in Illustrator graph function (pie graph)?

I am trying to make a pie graph that has both the data labels (e.g. 33%) and the series name (e.g. "apples"). Here is an example below. It seems this can only be accomplished through manually ...
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Why is my character lost in the background?

I am designing and developing a 2D-platformer and I'm having trouble with the look and feel of the game. The game is about an inventor who is kidnapped for warfare. Theme: Childish but sad. There are ...
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Create a bar chart within a table in InDesign?

I want to represent numbers in a table I've created in InDesign as a scaled bar chart, similarly to the image below. Is there a way to do this in InDesign or Illustrator without manually adding and ...
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How to count colors in an image or series of images?

Perhaps this question is too technical for this subsite, if so, please relocate it to a better spot. I'm doing some research on colors where I need to figure out how common colors are. The end result ...
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How to vectorize a graph from a raster image

I have an image of a graph and want to redraw this graph in Illustrator. Full size image Is there any "trick" to do this? I am trying with the pen tool but it's very hard to reproduce that the fine ...
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What characteristics make a graph look professional?

I'm documenting a technical/scientific project, in which I'm needing an extensive amount of graphs to represent the data. I would like this graphs to be as clear and representative as possible. Of ...
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Ergonomic standards to design UI [closed]

I want to build a UI application that visualize/display the analysed tire machine data. The UI application is supposed to be for tablets. However, before I build the application, I am supposed to look ...
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