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Why do some printed documents have those target-like lines in their corners?

Why do some printed documents have those target-like lines in their corners? Can't think of any concrete examples right now so I just made this:
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How to change the color of the artboard in Adobe Illustrator?

It is practically impossible to edit a white illustration on the default white artboard background. Hiding the artboard makes the whole work area receive the artboard's white color. So, is there a ...
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How can I stop or disable anti-aliasing / feathering in Photoshop?

I've never really found a solution to an issue that's been plaguing me since I first experienced it in Photoshop CS, and now, five versions later, it's still bugging me! What is it? Well, seemingly ...
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How do I create a billboard that is larger than Indesign CS5's maximum document size?

I am making a billboard with this dimensions : 2.19m x 6.09m However, indesign's maximum document size is 5486.4 mm (5.48m) How do I increase this document size or is the another way to handle this ...
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How to paint the pixel I'm currently hovering on, not the one underneath it or to the right, with the 1px pencil in Photoshop?

I'm trying to use Photoshop for some quick pixel art. I have my 1 px grid set up, and am using the 1 px pencil to color in pixels. However, if the crosshair is even slightly below center of the ...
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2 answers

Illustrator CS5 do not automatically change the measuring unit to the files default?

I am creating images for both web and print so I use pixels (px) and millimeters (mm) back and forth. But whenever I open the other type of file (i.e. opened web(px) first then print(mm), or print(mm) ...
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3 answers

How to change default text settings in Adobe InDesign?

This problem appeared immediately after installation: InDesign interface is in English, but text settings (RTL, right alignment of new frames, default language of text frame, and therefore arabic ...
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Which color profile is appropriate for images being printed on canvas?

I want to know the best colour space settings for preparing an image for canvas printing. The research I've done mostly speaks about sRGB and some speak about Adobe RGB. I'm not sure what to do. ...
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Setting up bleed/margin for printing [closed]

I have to create a 400 page book with the measurements height: 16cm by 24cm in Adobe InDesign. It is intended for publishing, but what are the bleed and margin measurements I need to follow so that it ...
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Illustrator won't export at 300ppi

Illustrator CC has a wonderful new export window... that doesn't work. You can select different aspects like resolutions, width, height, scale, etc. However even though I have 300ppi selected and my ...
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3 answers

InDesign: which CMYK color space to use

I have not given this too much thought until recently, when a bit of a back and forth happened with a client. So, when I start a new document in InDesign, for CMYK print, how to I know how to setup ...
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Shortcut to creating assets in Photoshop

Does anyone know a shortcut to select a layer in photoshop, open up a new file that automatically is the correct size, or even has the element in it without having to drag in a new document and then ...
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