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Where to find the artboard presets?

Where to find the artboard presets in Photoshop 2017? I searched artboard on the global search but it says it's not available.
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Is it possible to merge a facing pages layout with a Non-facing pages layout in a PDF?

I need to insert a facing pages PDF document into a single pages PDF document, is it possible to do this and keep the structure of both? This means that the result should be one document in which you ...
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Is it possible to resize the page interactively in Inkscape?

I would like to resize the page interactively in Inkscape, either with the mouse or with a keyboard shortcut. Is this possible? If it were not possible, could this potentially be a desirable feature, ...
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Designing 3 Billboards

So I have to design 3 billboards and this is pretty much my first time doing it where it goes to print. I'm used to designing small scale stuff so this task is a bit daunting. I would just like to ...
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Photoshop New Document screen

In the New Document screen it keeps bringing up my recent Items. How do I remove the recent items from this screen?
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Illustrator won't export at 300ppi

Illustrator CC has a wonderful new export window... that doesn't work. You can select different aspects like resolutions, width, height, scale, etc. However even though I have 300ppi selected and my ...
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A design paradigm - GUI and theme files

I am making a GUI application that has a themes folder inside the package. Users can write their own theme files following the format specified in the documentation - it is somewhat similar to GTK ...
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