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How to change the color of the artboard in Adobe Illustrator?

It is practically impossible to edit a white illustration on the default white artboard background. Hiding the artboard makes the whole work area receive the artboard's white color. So, is there a ...
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Resetting rulers to origin in Sketch 3

I'm currently discovering Sketch 3, and I stumbled on a problem for which I can't seem to find a solution! Coming from Photoshop, to add guide lines to my document, I went to click and drag from the ...
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Setting up bleed/margin for printing [closed]

I have to create a 400 page book with the measurements height: 16cm by 24cm in Adobe InDesign. It is intended for publishing, but what are the bleed and margin measurements I need to follow so that it ...
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How to make millimeters the default measurement unit in Adobe InDesign?

Almost all of my design requirements are given in millimeters, not points, pica, or any other classical measurement. I design for board games, and the printer's specifications always list their ...
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How do I create a billboard that is larger than Indesign CS5's maximum document size?

I am making a billboard with this dimensions : 2.19m x 6.09m However, indesign's maximum document size is 5486.4 mm (5.48m) How do I increase this document size or is the another way to handle this ...
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How can I stop or disable anti-aliasing / feathering in Photoshop?

I've never really found a solution to an issue that's been plaguing me since I first experienced it in Photoshop CS, and now, five versions later, it's still bugging me! What is it? Well, seemingly ...
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