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Software for drawing interactively via voice commands or command line interface

I'm not sure if my post is better suited for the Software Recommendations Stack Exchange. If so, then perhaps migrate it there. How hard would it be to design a computer program where you could use ...
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Adding columns to table in

I am using the current version of for Debian Linux ( 17.2.1), and I want to make a table with a dozen or so columns. Selecting the Table 1 item generates a three column table. ...
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How to color 2 circles intersection in different color in

I am using I have 2 circle that I would like to color. The first one is green, the 2nd is blue. That's all good. But I want to color the intersection area to be red. How can I do that?
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What is this plus sign in a text box in app, and how do I get rid of it?

I just got a file (from or the app, which can be downloaded from the same page), which I try to edit in the app, and I've noticed ...
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