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Questions tagged [e-mail]

Questions about E-Mail (Electronic Mail) a form of sending digital mail to people. Frequently used to communicate with clients.

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Figma Emailify Plugin, How to Add a Hyperlink to an Image? Can't add 0% Opacity text layer for some reason

I am using the Emailify Plugin for Figma and noticed that I cannot add a Link to images/ icons. I want to add a clickable URL to each of the social media icons. There is another question from a year ...
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Edge-to-edge Image + Text in MailChimp

I'm creating an email in MailChimp using content blocks. (I'll be happy to use another method, but that seems to be the most convenient method at the outset.) Within the Image content block, there is ...
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Most suitable image format for email footers, considering : image quality, text legibility, file size, compatibility?

I want to put an image in my email footer which will contain company logo, some text, some awards ive won etc.. I want to place this in as a graphic, so it renders the same on all devices, rather ...
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How to use custom placeholders when sharing projects in Figma?

So I have designed a website in Figma that I want to share with multiple clients. I want to personalize the content of the project as in the nav-brand or any other content. For instance, if a ...
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What is the best practice of B2B email dimension?

The ideal width of marketing emails is 600px, does it also apply to enterprise product emails? or it can be responsive without any max width limit?
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HTML email signature images

I'm creating a HTML email Signature for a client.. My first version was created using full sized images and style="width: X" in the HTML code, which worked great on my Mac.. However, Outlook didn't ...
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How do I tell my boss that email responsive design is not perfect? [closed]

I've been working on this new e-mail for a month now (concept, design and code) and after long testing on emailonacid and different personal email clients my boss complaints that the last letter "t" ...
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Company wants to see email design portfolio, I (stupidly) never created one?

I screwed up bigtime. I never considered myself to be an "email designer" until just recently, when I ended up in a couple of jobs doing just that. I've always focused on web & graphic design, ...
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How to add a background image to an email?

Is there a way to add a background image to an email and ensure it will display in all email clients?
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Electronic Direct Mail

What is the process for creating edm: is it design in say Indesign or Photoshop and export to an HTML file then import to platform (i.e. MailChimp)? Do you need to know code? Is it considered ...
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How do I keep Apple Mail from resizing images in my HTML signature?

I created an HTML email signature for my company, and have everything working. It contains both text and an image containing HTML links to our website, and all looks well until I add it in the ...
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What is the best Pantone swatch to use for on-screen designs?

If my work is going to only be used to create image files that will be used online, or in email messages, what is the best Pantone swatch for me to use?
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Exporting PNG & JPG blurry, can resize in gmail with no blur

I've seen a few questions similar to this, but haven't found an exact answer. Please direct me if you find a thread that can answer this. I've tried exporting a png and a jpg for a email signature ...
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Data loss when e-mailing files: is it relevant, and how to prevent it?

Only recently I came across the possibility that e-mailing files may change and damage those files. Especially when mailing *.jpgs to web-based mail servers like Gmail or I wouldn't be ...
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How to present email marketing in a portfolio?

Print design is easy to present. Web design is a little more complicated but not too bad. How do you all suggest presenting Emails to a client? Forward them the actual emails? Save them as .PDFs / ...
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Branding identity - different font for email

We are developing new identity for our company. For print material we decided to go with Helvetica font. However we get into serious discussion about font for email. To achieve some consistency, we ...
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Is there a free service/website/method of testing an HTML email in a specific client?

I have designed an HTML email template for a client and it works fine everywhere except, according to the client, Outlook 2013. I don't have access to Outlook 2013 but it would be very helpful if I ...
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What's the best method to send and receive eps files to and from clients?

Every once in a while a client emails me a .eps file. Most of the time these files fail to open or they open with errors. This can often delay production or mistakenly allow errors to slip through. ...
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Is there a (good) mail-client or website to design and send emails?

I want to give the e-mails I send professionally a good look. I am using OS X. Is there a mail-client or website that lets me design the e-mails I am sending to customers? In my case typography, ...
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Is HelveticaNeue a good web/e-mail typeface if it can successfully embedded? [closed]

I need to send some professional/commercial e-mails, my design currently look like this: Helvetica is very widely used in printing, and according to Wikipedia: Miedinger and Hoffmann set out ...
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How to add clickable hyperlinks for email id, website, telephone in mail signature designed using Illustrator?

One of my colleague had created a signature for the company using Adobe Illustrator. Now the head of our company wants clickable links to be present in the signature so that one should be able to ...
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