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Questions regarding illusions or visual tricks in the design process, whether it be from software (i.e. Photoshop, Illustrator, GIMP) or through technique.

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When using the blend tool in Illustrator, I get large white patches

So I made one path, then another. Opened Blend, set to Specified Steps, and then applied it to the paths. With straight paths, all was well. But with curved ones, I have large white patches where ...
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Illustrator: Border effect for a path

I'd like to surround a path with a border (see the third illustration below). However, I cannot get it done without using Path -> Outline stroke. This is very inconvenient, as Outline stroke ...
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Photoshop produce a specific effect

How can I recreate this Photoshop effect: Let's say that I have a heart image and inside of the heart I want to implement this effect. How can this be done? Thanks in advance.
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How can I create nice looking subtle buttons in Photoshop?

Can you give me some hints for recreate these two buttons? Which effects are applied? Thanks!
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Fisheye Effect in Inkscape?

Is anyone aware of a way to create a fisheye effect with elements in InkScape? Freehand used to have an xtra tool that did just that. The specific effect I'm trying to achieve is applying horizontal ...
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Photoshop Sparklers Text Effect [closed]

I'm looking to do a similar text effect to this I haven't used Photoshop in a while for this sort of thing.
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How to apply text effect in InDesign but not have it effect text stroke?

I need to apply an inner shadow effect to some text in InDesign, which works fine. But I also need to apply a stroke to the text, but the effect is also being applied to the stroke ( unlike in ...
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Dotted square in gimp?

I've seen this effect on several sites, basically it's just a simple background with a bunch of dots, and I'd like to use this for a background for something but I don't know where to start!
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Achieving liquid effect in small illustration

I'm trying to achieve a liquid effect for a logo which consists on a small encased orange cube, but don't really know how to do this (I've tried adding bubbles, but it doesn't seem to work on a ...
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What are the traditional rules for drop shadow direction / light source?

When creating a drop shadow for objects, what is the traditional / classic "rule" for the offset direction? I see so many that are down and right, which results in the light source coming from the top ...
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How to create fake reflections?

How can I create fake reflections easily like the one here: Any online or easy open source tools out there?
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