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Questions tagged [eps]

Questions about `eps`, or Encapsulated PostScript, a cross-platform file format for vector files.

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6 votes
2 answers

How to create a vector curve programmatically?

I want to create a vector curve that is symmetric in the top and the bottom. For example, in this baseball icon (How to draw a baseball in Pixelmator?), if I try to write the vector as suggested by ...
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5 votes
3 answers

Import vector data into illustrator

I have a program that generates thousands of vector points (just coordinates), the format is not fixed, but it could be something like this: (2.4785|77.01) (78.8|9.88) (45.33|0.2) I am able to ...
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19 votes
5 answers

AI vs EPS vs SVG

What's the technical difference? I'm interested in switching from Illustrator to Inkscape and would prefer to work exclusively with SVG, but is this going to be a problem for my team if they stay on ...
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13 votes
3 answers

What unique benefits does the EPS format provide?

Reading this excellent question regarding logo export formats, and it made me want to ask a question that was a little bit more narrowly focused than that one. I know when to use a GIF and when to ...
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4 answers

How to use EPS to build graphs in Illustrator?

I have never made graphs before in Illustrator, but I have an incoming project where I will have to make a variety of different graphs based on large quantities of numerical data that I will be given. ...
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6 votes
3 answers

Pros and cons to .AI vs. .EPS file formats in 2017?

I've heard "EPS is a dying format" so many times my brain completes the sentence every time I hear "EPS"...yet whenever I research the issue, I can only find posts about why it's a dying format in ...
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5 votes
2 answers

How to convert an Illustrator EPS to SVG and keep alpha channels and transparency modes?

I have an Illustrator EPS file which has a number of shapes that are set to multiply and overlay modes. I am also using a number of masks. Is there a way to export this art in SVG format and keep all ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Why do EPS (vector) file formats require a specified resolution?

SVG is also a vector graphics file format but I've never been requested for resolution choice when using Matlab or Inkscape. EPS however has these options. Why? If both are vector graphics formats, ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Is there a way to expand linked EPS file placed inside another EPS file in Illustrator?

I've placed an EPS file (File A) inside another EPS file (File B) and now need to completely break this link so that the artwork of File A becomes 100% editable part of File B. I've tried embedding ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Free/ Open source EPS editor for windows

I am honestly stoked that I can't find any after quite a few minutes googling! Can someone suggest me a free/open source EPS editor that you don't need a PHD to install? does none exist? Everything ...
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3 votes
3 answers

Convert batch EPS to SVG using ImageMagick?

Is there an easy way to convert a batch of EPS files to SVG format, using ImageMagick or something else? I have thousands of vector files in EPS format and I need to convert them to SVG.
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3 votes
1 answer

What's the best method to send and receive eps files to and from clients?

Every once in a while a client emails me a .eps file. Most of the time these files fail to open or they open with errors. This can often delay production or mistakenly allow errors to slip through. ...
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2 answers

Can an EPS-file contain non-vectorized fonts?

Can an EPS-file with text contain non-vectorized fonts? (meaning that the receiver needs to have the fonts in question installed) or are fonts always vectorized when I save a file as EPS?
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