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Why are other text fields affected?

My code actually works very well. My goal is just to replace the word PANTONE. But why does it distort the colors and sizes of other text areas? for(var j = 0; j < app.documents[0].textFrames....
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How to get menu items from Adobe Illustrator interface?

There are many drop-down menus in the top of the Adobe Illustrator window. I would like to have a way to get a tree of these commands with their functions to cal in the script. For example, for this ...
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Read options from tool preset and swatches in ExtendScript for Photoshop

In ExtendScript for Photoshop is there a way to read the swatches like name-color and the configuration of a text tool preset? I want to detect the color from some rectangles in the image, get the ...
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Adobe Indesign: How to measure the width of a word?

Is it possible to measure the width of a word in some way? (via Javascript code, or a built-in software option)?
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Adobe Extended Script: Any way to localize the promt confirm()? Yes and No should be translated to "Ja" und Nein"

if (!inddLastest.exists) {; } else { //btnText = { en: "Yes", de: "Ja", fr: "Oui" }; b1 = w.add ("button", undefined, localize (btnText)); var res = confirm("Die ...
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