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Questions tagged [famous-designers]

Questions about acomplished world-class designers whose work is widely published and recognized.

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22 votes
2 answers

How did Escher make his tesselations?

Question for the: Topic Challenge #1 – Famous Designers I remember as a kid my favourite book in the whole house wasn't a book of fairy tales or colourful illustrations. It was The complete works of ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Does Paul Rand's odd typographic layout style have a name?

I'm just wondering if anyone has insight in to what governed Rand's typographic layouts. It seems like they were often instinctual and not based on any grid system. I'm thinking of things like the ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Name for blocky, imprecise illustration style (like Saul Bass, Paul Rand)

Simple question. What's a name for that style of illustration that uses characterful slightly childish blocks of bold colour with imprecise edges, as if the illustration had been put together from ...
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