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Questions about importing files from one application to another, typically useful to create a composition from multiple assets.

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Scaling Adobe Illustrator objects in Adobe InDesign. What am I doing wrong?

I placed in an Adobe Illustrator AI object I made into an Adobe InDesign document. When I scale the whole image, the AI object doesn't scale with everything else. Any ideas?
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How to link complex layered objects between Illustrator files?

Hopefully someone can help with this. We have sewing patterns that consist of multiple pattern or garment pieces that are layered into multiple sizes, alongside text and other graphic elements. Each ...
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Load multiple images to be placed from one document? - InDesign CC

I am wondering if there is a function in InDesign if you have multiple pages in one document to place into the file it can have them loaded? Just like when you multi-select different files to place ...
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Transparent background turns white after placing in Illustrator

I removed the background of a picture in Photoshop and wanted to keep working on it in Illustrator, but when I placed the PNG the transparent background completely turned into white. I don't want to ...
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increase in file size after placing pdf files in InDesign

I created a 33 Page PDF file in InDesign where I placed PDF files of AutoCAD drawings and some images. When I export it as the Smallest file size pdf, it saved 13 MB filed, which is to large. It is ...
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Missing icons of whole Adobe products [closed]

This problem is quite unusual cause doesnt concern graphic design problems. I've recently migrated my Adobe softs from C disk to D and all icons of each product just missed and become default It'd ...
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Is there a way to simulate Photoshop's 'fill' functionality in InDesign?

Photoshop has two distinct opacity values for any layer: 'Opacity' and 'Fill'; the former affects the entire layer and all its effects, the latter only affects the layer content and not the effects. ...
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Photoshop CS5 Wrongly Shrinks Image Size on Place

At work we use Photoshop CS5. Old, I know, but that's what I have to work with. I'm on Windows 10. Recently, when I place certain images Photoshop is automatically shrinking the image dimensions to ...
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Adobe Xd: placing linked objects

I've recently started getting to grips with Adobe Xd, which seems great apart from the fact that I can't find a way to place linked objects in the same way that I can with Ps / Ai / Id I'd like it so ...
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Editing an Illustrator file placed in an Illustrator file

I am collating several logos into an Illustrator Artboard. Obviously, to be efficient and productive, I placed them the fastest way I know - by dragging the files from my OS to the Illustrator ...
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How to flip artboards in Adobe Illustrator?

At a time when I try to open my *.ai file, I have a message: I click ok. And than I see this: I click ok and just one artboard is opening. But I need all 7 artboards. How to flip between them after ...
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Embed files to an illustrator project

I dragged and drop some PSD files into a project in Illustrator CS5. I want to remove them from my desktop, but if I do that, then they will disappear from my project. What can I do in my project now ...
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When does Indesign automatically update links after a rename or move?

Sometimes I have to rename or move my linked files to another name or location, I can't remember my file were open or not but all I want to know is how and when it happens. Is there any option to ...
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InDesign: how to change the size of placed PDF

When I place PDF files in InDesign they will take up the whole page, so how can I make it smaller to allow space for the title on the top and the page number on the bottom?
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InDesign: 'search for missing links in this folder' not working

I have a huge document and ALL the links are broken. I have one folder with ALL the links in it, but when I relink one or two and tick 'Search for missing links in this folder', it still doesn't ...
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When placing an Illustrator file in a Photoshop document, how do I get my artwork to be pixel-pefect?

Setup: I have 4 Ai files which are going to be individually exported as PNGs. Some parts of the images have curves, while others are straight lines. Before exporting, I click "make pixel perfect&...
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InDesign displays low quality linked AI file

I'm creating a business card in InDesign. The best version of the company logo I have is an AI file which looks pixelated when placed in InDesign. I've tried exporting the AI file into different ...
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Export .ai logo for InDesign? Type rendering pixelated [duplicate]

I have a logo in Illustrator that I inherited, I'm just trying to put it into an InDesign file but for some foresaken reason the text always comes out pixelated. (See attached screenshot) I've tried "...
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InDesign: image gets cropped when i try to move it around

New to InDesign. When I place an image in Indesign and try to move it on the page I lose whatever part of the image to the direction I move it. Like it disappears behind a clipping mask. How do I move ...
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Importing markdown content in InDesign?

Okay, I have a markdown file (.md) that has all my book's content. I want to style and arrange this content in InDesign. Then I want to export this styled content to a PDF for reading. The way I was ...
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InDesign: how to choose which artboards to import from AI file

I have about 10 artboards in my Illustrator file I need to link to in InDesign. I want to use a single Illustrator file to place my content rather than export each artboard separately. This will help ...
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InDesign: how to import a Photoshop file?

How to import a photoshop graphic into InDesign? Can I then edit the file in InDesign or do I have to edit first in Photoshop (crop and write text)?
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Can placing a raster file introduce swatches in InDesign?

Can any raster format (JPG/TIF/PSD/PNG/etc) introduce swatches in InDesign when placed as a link? There are 2 swatches in my INDD document that won't delete (i know its an old issue), and these did ...
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How to place multi-page PDF into InDesign

I have 250-page PDF file, which I would like to place into InDesign. Do I have to place each page separately, or is there a way to do all of them at once?
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Linked image and Warp effect Problem

Example file: I am experiencing some problems in maintaining linkage in PSD images that i warp to special mold for conic mugs. By this i mean that Warp effect only accepts embedded images to perform ...
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